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Who Am I

Who Am I

I love photography,
with passion and professionalism.

I am an artist, a memory maker, a historian, and a documentary specialist. I love to study people and watch their interactions. Smiling happy faces and heartfelt embraces, stolen glances and once-in-a-lifetime chances…these are the images I love to capture.



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What Do I Do

My professional background includes more than 20 years of taking photographs for weddings, families, and businesses.

What Do I Do

Lifestyle Portraits

These days families are requesting a more relaxed approach to family portraits. I like to think of the process as lifestyle portraits—capturing people in their most comfortable or natural environments.

Wedding Documentaries

I am the lead photographer on all of my wedding shoots and conduct them in an unobtrusive documentary style of photography that records your most special day as it unfolds naturally.

Commercial Shoots

Whatever your business marketing needs, I can help, whether it is attending a special event, setting up a photo shoot to meet specific needs, taking professional head shots.

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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

June 11, 2021
Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer among males. Nearly 200,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States alone. It is hard to identify the symptoms of prostate cancer in the initial stages of the disease. The disease has usually spread to other organs by the time it is detected.

However, a male above the age of 50 must keep the following signs in mind to identify the possibility of prostate cancer:

Urinary Obstruction as a Sign of Prostate Cancer

Urinary Obstruction as a Sign of Prostate Cancer

One of the typical characteristics of the disease can be a hampered process of urination. The patient may experience trouble in urination while starting or stopping, or may not be able to pass urine altogether. However, this symptom does not emerge suddenly. Urinary obstruction develops over a period of time. Some patients continue to ignore it until the urine starts retaining in the bladder, and does not pass out at all. It is advisable for anyone experiencing urinary hesitancy to consult a physician promptly, check over here.

Pain During Urination in Prostate Cancer

Sometimes the patient may experience a sharp pain while trying to urinate. In some cases the pain may be only mild but accompanied by a burning sensation in the urinary tract. If such pain or discomfort persists or recurs, it is recommended that the person should get himself examined by a doctor. Normally in such cases the doctor will look for additional signs such as backache, fever and other urinary troubles in order to proceed with further investigation of prostate cancer.

Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Sometimes the person may experience an acute pain during sexual intercourse, or immediately after the act. This pain may be usually confined to the pelvic area. The pain may occur suddenly at any point during the intercourse, or even at the time of erection. Sometimes the pain may persist even beyond the intercourse. If such characteristics are noticed, the person should immediately contact a physician for examination of the prostate.

Sharp Pain in the Lower Back

A severe recurring pain in the lower back region, or tingling or burning sensation in the spinal area may be an indicator of prostate cancer. The lower back supports the bulk of body weight, which makes it vulnerable to pain in case of a problem of the prostate. In some situations, the lower backache may also arise out of other problems such as poor body posture or lifting excess weight, or any superficial injuries of the tissue or muscle. But it is important to rule out the possibility of prostate cancer in case of an inexplicable and persistent pain in the lower back.

What I Learned While Publishing My First App: Nice Day

June 10, 2021
What I Learned While Publishing My First App

I recently published my first app to the Apple App Store. It is called Nice Day, and you can download it for free at niceday. This was a valuable learning experience. If you are thinking about publishing your first iOS app, you might find the following information helpful.

Nice Day

Nice Day is a simple app that wishes you a particular type of day. It randomizes the sayings, smileys and colors. This app is a very simple app, but it is a step up from the typical Hello World program that programmers start with. My main goal for this first app was to learn the iOS development process.



Even though I have over 20 years of experience in software development, learning iOS development was challenging. I still have a lot to learn, but I now know enough to ask the right questions and keep learning. It only took a few hours to develop this first app.


Testing Nice Day was actually fun. I tested my app in the built-in iOS simulator in Xcode 5. I also tested it on a real device. Testing was surprisingly easy.


Publishing the Nice Day app was harder than expected. I spent most of the time filling out required paperwork with Apple. You have to register as a developer in the iOS Developer Program. This costs $99 a year. You have to create a distribution certificate and iTunes profile. You have to create icons and screen shots for the app. Finally, you have to sign, archive and upload it. The whole process took almost four times as long as development. But now that I am set up, the next time will be easier. The iOS app distribution guide describes the entire process well.


After submitting the app, it went into "Waiting For Review" status. It remained in this state for nine days. Then I received an email from Apple saying that it needed additional time for the review. A day later, the status changed to "Processing for App Store." That same day, the status changed to "Ready for Sale." At this point, my app appeared in the App Store. However, the advertisements did not appear in the app. The iAd network required time to review my app. A day later, the advertisements appeared. Altogether, it took ten days to see the Nice Day app published and earning money.


Publishing the app was just the beginning. To make money with any app, you must market it. This involves promoting it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Smart promotion and marketing is crucial to the success of your app.

Developing and publishing the Nice Day app was a valuable learning experience. I am happy to finally have an app in the Apple App Store. More importantly, I learned the process. Now I can concentrate on building better apps.

The Case Mini Blackhorn Pocket Knife – An Inexpensive Pocket Knife Made in America

June 9, 2021
The Case Mini Blackhorn Pocket Knife - An Inexpensive Pocket Knife Made in America

Our tax rebate checks are coming! Our tax rebate checks are coming! The government wants us to use our rebates to boost the American economy. At least, that was my reasoning on a recent trip to the Bass Pro Shop. As I perused the shelves for dude stuff that I really needed, I started thinking about getting something that was made in the United States. I found an inexpensive little pocket knife for only $14.99. A lot of big brand names had "sourced" their knives from China or Taiwan. But, I was pleased to see that the little Case Mini Blackhorn was made in the U.S.A. Although it measures only 3 1/8-inches long when closed, the little knife even came with a limited lifetime warranty. I was pleased. It was my patriotic duty to buy the little Mini Blackhorn pocket knife for myself and for my country!

new pocket knife

When I got home with my new pocket knife, I wondered about the company that made it. I visited the website of W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company. I found a proud company that had been selling handcrafted knives since 1889. In 1905, the company moved to Bradford, Pennsylvania, and became one of the most respected makers of knives. In addition to listing their many lines of knives, the company website recounted milestones in the history of the company, and opened the door to an active community of knife collectors. Space was provided for customers to recount stories of the roles that Case knives played as touchstones in their lives.

I particularly enjoyed Case College: the portion of the website that explained how knives are made and the materials that are used. I learned that the blade of my humble Mini Blackhorn was made from Case Tru-Sharp(r) high carbon Stainless Steel for strength and the ability to hold a sharp edge for a long time. The CaseXX marking on the blade also indicates that like all Case knives, my knife was tempered and tested twice. While my inexpensive Case knife has a black plastic or vinyl, I learned that company built its reputation on using exotic materials like bone or stag horn in the handles, learn more.

According to the website, the Mini Blackhorn is categorized as a small lockback knife, weighs only 1 ounce, and has a drop point blade. The top of the blade gently tapers down to the point where it meets the rising knife edge. According to the Case College, drop point blades in larger knives are used for gutting large game animals. After reading about all the neat Case knives, I could have kicked myself for only looking at knives that hung on the shelves. I'm sure that there were many far finer Case knives safely locked away in display cases.

I put my Case Mini Blackhorn to the test with a small block of wood from a whittler's wood block kit that I bought a year ago for a craft project. I thought the Case Mini Blackhorn Pocket Knife might work well for making a pine-wood derby car, but decided to commit myself to whittling the block of wood into a matchbox-sized car. While I haven't carved anything since my days as a Cub Scout, I found that the basic form of a car took shape quickly and I was able to create a small mound of wood chips in a very short time. I also found that it was a highly enjoyable way to while away part of a Sunday evening.

Throughout my whittling, I found that the small knife retained a very sharp cutting edge. While I'm not an expert, I found the Mini Blackhorn pocket knife to be well worth the $15 price tag. I was also intrigued by the larger world of fine knives and knife collecting that the W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company website opened up. Over time, I think I'll enjoy adding more American-made knives in my small collection.

CyberKnife System: New Hope for Once “Inoperable” Cancer Leisions

June 7, 2021

Cancer tumors were once only treated by physical surgery. This surgery would open the body up and cut out the tumor using steel blades. This type of surgery was risky because of the physical stress it put on the body, because of the threat of infections and because of the complications that commonly developed during the recovery process. Recently surgical technology has evolved and non-invasive techniques have been developed that allow doctors to pinpoint a tumor in the body and obliterate it without having to open the patient up or cut their skin with a knife. One of the most promising of these new technologies is the CyberKnife system.

What Is the CyberKnife System?

What Is the CyberKnife System

The CyberKnife system utilizes high energy X-ray beams to destroy cancer cells and tumors. The high energy beam is directed and fired via a 300 pound linear accelerator robotic arm. This arm is very maneuverable and is pinpoint accurate. It delivers a beam that is less than millimeter wide making it an excellent choice for tumors located in once thought to be inoperable situations in the brain, the spine and in sensitive organs.

Benefits of the CyberKnife System

There are many benefits offered by the CyberKnife System over both conventional surgery methodologies and the GammaKnife system. First of all the patient doesn't have to be anesthetized. This makes the entire process safer, especially for children, little people, the elderly and people with respiratory or circulatory issues. Next the CyberKnife system tracks the targeted tumor throughout the procedures, This ensures that the CyberKnife only impacts the targeted tumor tissue even when patients move. Another benefit of this technology is that the surgery is quick and non-invasive. This means that you are out of surgery in between 30 and 90 minutes, that there is relatively little pain to deal with and that your recovery is super quick, especially when compared to traditional surgery. To learn new information on cyberknife system, you may browse internet site.

Drawbacks of the CyberKnife System

Drawbacks of the CyberKnife System

While the CyberKnife system is an affective treatment for tumors throughout the body, it does have several drawbacks. First of all the technology is new and not widely available. This means that it can be difficult to find a hospital that has the $4 million CyberKnife system and even more difficult to find a doctor in the U.S. that has experience working with this surgical tool. Next the $4 million price tag makes CyberKnife surgeries very expensive for patients. This can put it out of reach for many patients who could benefit from a CyberKnife surgery. Finally, this tool is really only effective for smaller tumors, as larger tumors would require larger areas of the body to be exposed to the radiation.

While there are several drawbacks that you need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to use the CyberKnife system to treat your cancer, it is worth a look. This is particularly true if you have been diagnosed with what would normally be considered "inoperable" tumors. If you can't find a doctor in the U.S. that you want to work with, there are many European doctors who have decades of experience with the CyberKnife system.

Tips for Using Knife-Cut Stencils in Screen Printing

June 4, 2021

The stencils are cut from sheets of adhesive film which have a removable backing sheet. This method solves the problem of floating pieces as the backing sheet keeps them in place until they have been adhered to the mesh. There are four types of direct adhesion films that are suitable for making knife-cut film stencils. Of these two are iron-on, one is solvent-based and the other water-based.

Iron-on stencil films are the least expensive but the most difficult to adhere to the mesh. They can be used with all types of solvent-based inks on all kinds of fabric.

stencil films are the least expensive

Solvent-based stencil films are used with oil-based or water-based inks. Water-based stencil films are used with solvent- and oil-based inks, but not water-based inks.

Cutting the Film

All knife-cut films are similar in that they have a stencil layer of material laminated on to a supporting backing sheet. There are two different stencil qualities available: high tack, which can be corrected if mistakes are made, and low tack which is easier to peel but cannot be replaced if incorrectly peeled, Investigate for effective information right now..

The image is made by cutting through the top layer and removing those areas which are to be printed. Care should be taken not to cut through the backing sheet as this may distort the stencil when it is stuck to the screen, or even prevent it sticking properly. The key to cutting this sort of stencil film is a sharp knife blade. If it is really keen, the weight of the cutting tool should be enough to cut the first layer of film and leave the backing sheet intact. Medical scalpels are particularly sharp and can be useful but care should be taken when changing blades, disposing of used ones and in the general handling of the instrument.

Once the stencil is ready, it has to be adhered to the underside of the mesh. But before this can be done, the mesh should be prepared in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and all traces of grease removed.

Knife-cut masking films, though similar to stencil films, are in fact the opposite when their function is analyzed. The masking film should be thought of as a photopositive, in which whatever remains on the backing sheet, after cutting, is what will later appear on the photostencil.

Straight lines and shallow curves are more easily cut with a fixed blade knife held at a low angle. For difficult tight curves or fine details, a swivel knife held vertically may be easier to use with practice. If cutting angles, overcut slightly to make it easier to peel away the film

Applying a Knife-Cut Stencil to the Mesh

The stencil is placed cut surface up on a thin raised pad, smaller than the inside dimensions of the screen, which is positioned over them. To soften the stencil material so that it sticks to the mesh, water is applied with a cellulose sponge. Too much water may cause the edges of the stencil to spread.

stencil to stick to the mesh

To encourage the stencil to stick to the mesh, cover the top side with a sheet of paper and roll it with a soft rubber or gelatin roller. This will encourage the paper to absorb excess moisture and force the mesh into the body of the stencil material. Take care not to apply too much pressure with the roller or the stencil will spread and the open areas close up.

When the stencil is quite dry, the transparent backing sheet can be peeled off.

Weight Loss Through Organization

June 3, 2021

I recently watched a weight loss television show called I Want To Save Your Life on Wetv. The host of the show was a guy named Charles Stuart Platkin and sometimes is called the diet detective. I Want To Save Your Life is interesting because unlike other diet shows showing many people competing on a scale, Platkin instead chooses to focus on a single person.

In the show, Platkin will live with the contestant for a week and overturn the person's house. He will force them to totally overhaul their life in order to meet their weight loss goals. While watching one of these episodes, a woman's entire garage was given an entire makeover from cluttered to organized. The idea that was presented, was an unorganized room represented an unorganized life and led this woman to her overweight form.

unhealthy weight to a cluttered life

Platkin's comparison of an unhealthy weight to a cluttered life really got me thinking about my own life. When I always tried to lose weight in the past, my two obstacles were cleaning up my diet and finding more time to exercise. Some days I would write in my weight loss journal, other days not so much. My personal problem was maintaining a plan for longer than two months.

Cleaning my house though, that was a never ending struggle. Nor had I ever considered that a part of a weight loss strategy. Finding a way to organize the house adds a whole new dimension this daily process.

The strategy makes sense though, making the transition from house of chaos to a model home is sure to make whoever is living there happier. Everything is accounted for and time should never be wasted trying to find an item. Instead of looking for your keys every morning, a basket in the center of the table can always hold them for you. Open a cabinet and the contents will already be known. Theoretically this leads to less stressed and a happier you, but does that equate to weight loss?, check more details here.

In a word, yes. What this process creates, is time. Instead of trying to find your car keys every morning, you have more time to make your lunch for work. Why waste time trying to figure out where something on your living room floor goes? You have a spot for it already and now you have more time to go to the gym.

Essentially this extra strategy that is generally not in diet books gives you the free time to pursue your weight loss, or any other goals. The more organized in every aspect of life you are, the faster you should complete everyday chores. Giving you the extra time, to make the right changes.

Product Review: Miracle Foot Repair Cream

June 1, 2021
Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream boasts fast acting relief for: dryness, itching, cracks, and odor. It's 60% Aloe, combined with other moisturizing ingredients, also contains a mild analgesic to relieve foot pain. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream guarantees to repair dry, cracked feet and heels; help stop unpleasant odors and itching; and rejuvenate tired, achy feet.

The cream guarantees results after one use, or promises your money back. That is a hefty promise for sun baked feet, that haven't been cushioned by anything but flip-flops and sandals all summer. One night of achy feet and legs convinced me to give it a try.

"Ultra Aloe, 60% of the purest and most potent form of whole leaf Aloe Vera gel" lived up to its guarantee. The cream penetrated my dry, cracked heels, and relieved my tired achy feet and legs. The analgesic is only 0.1% menthol. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream does not smell like menthol. It has a soft, clean aloe scent. Browse here to learn latest information on miracle foot repair cream.

Foot Repair Cream

A few days later, my husband had itchy feet. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream does not treat athlete's foot, but it does guarantee to stop itching. Taking the chance that sweaty, tired feet were the problem, and not athlete's foot, my husband used Miracle Foot Repair Cream following his shower. To his amazement, it stopped the temporary itch.

According to the packaging, the Ultra Aloe ™ and special moisturizers penetrate layers of skin, speeding up cell renewal. This process repairs dry, cracked, itchy feet and heels.

I have found Miracle Foot Repair Cream a very effective product. I use it every day, now, to keep my feet and heels soft and supple. It's working, even though I am still running around practically barefoot in the summer heat. The package says nothing about moisturizing the rest of your body, but I use it on my calves when they are especially tired and achy. It works well as a moisturizer on my legs, as well.

Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream, with the "Miracle of Aloe" is distributed by Ontel Products Corporation. It comes in an 8 oz tube. Because of the products quality, it only takes a dime sized drop for each foot. The one tube of Miracle Foot Repair ®Cream I purchased has lasted all summer and there seems to be enough left to last me another month.

If you don't want to smell of menthol, but you need achy, tired foot relief I recommend Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream. If dry, cracked heels are a problem, Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream will help moisturize and pamper your feet. If you get an irritating itch when you wear dress shoes or athletic shoes, keep Miracle Foot Repair ® handy. It really works.

How to Make Distressed Style Faux Antique Furniture

May 26, 2021
How to Make Distressed Style Faux Antique Furniture

People who prefer the charm of days long gone often use antique furniture in their homes. Instead of shiny, smooth finishes, antique furniture is often distressed and worn. Genuine antiques can be expensive. Below are three methods for creating distressed style faux antique furniture out of the piece you already own.

Distressed Style Furniture with Crackle Glaze

Distressed Style Furniture with Crackle Glaze

Crackle glaze can be purchased at many craft and home decor stores. Using this type of glaze creates a crackled finish on the furniture. It looks as if the paint is weathered and peeling off.

To use crackle glaze to create faux antiques, first paint the furniture a base color. Using a darker color for the base is an attractive choice.

Then, use a large paintbrush to sweep on the crackle glaze. Allow this to dry for at least four hours before painting the top color of paint. As this dries, it will separate into a crackled finish.

Distressed Style Furniture with Wax

The next way of creating distressed style furniture is using a plain white candle or other hard wax. This will create a rubbed look to the furniture, as if the paint has been worn off in places.

Begin by painting your furniture with a base coat and allow it to dry completely. Then, take the wax piece and rub it over the furniture in patches or streaks. You can also rub it in places where natural wear would occur, such as drawers and handles.

Paint a top coat of a different color over the wax. Then, use a piece of steel wool or scrubber pad to gently rub over the whole surface. Some paint will peel away where the wax was laid, more helpful hints.

Distressed Style Furniture with Sand

Distressed Style Furniture with Sand

The final method of creating faux antique furniture with a distressed finish is to use plain sand and paint. This method creates a spotty, worn-looking surface.

Begin by painting the piece of furniture with a base coat of paint. When this is dry, coat the piece with a shellac sealer. Working quickly, sprinkle clean sand over this while it is still wet. The sand will stick to the shellac.

After this has dried, paint the furniture with a top coat of your desired color. When dry, use a piece of steel wool or a scrubber to gently rub off the covered sand. Patches of the base color will be revealed.

Choosing the Right Baby Furniture for You and Your Baby

May 23, 2021
Choosing the Right Baby Furniture

If your baby is due sometime soon then chances are you have been starting to think or already have made a large purchase in the baby department at Wal-Mart or another popular department store. However, there are some things to think about when purchasing the necessary baby furniture. There is a difference between baby cribs, bassinets, and playpens, and all three of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what you should buy and where will definitely be a help to you when you finally do need to purchase this type of baby furniture.

Baby Bassinets

Baby Bassinets
Baby Bassinets

Bassinets are usually smaller than a crib but just big enough so that your newborn baby can fit comfortably inside it. Mothers and fathers will often use these in the nursery, their own bedroom or have it sitting in the living room. However, are baby bassinets really all that necessary? If you have a crib and space is limited you may not need a bassinet at all. Think about it: what is the purpose of a baby bassinet anyway? Your baby will sleep in it and that's about it. Babies can do everything that they do in a bassinet in a baby crib. So buying one of the baby bassinets may not always be necessary. Sure, they might look cute and provide something different for your baby to sleep in every once in a while, but what happens when your baby reaches 3 or 4 months of age? They will begin sleeping in their crib at that point anyway.

Baby Cribs

Finding the best and cutest crib is something that mothers and fathers usually always want to concern themselves with. Should we go with a white crib or a brown wooden one? Which crib will look best in the nursery and which one is the most practical? There are definitely some affordable cribs on the market today and there are also some more expensive ones. The crib that my wife has chosen is a Jenny Lind white crib from Wal-Mart. This crib retails for just $100 at Wal-Mart and is sturdy enough to give your infant the support he or she needs.

You may be able to get a crib from a relative, friend, coworker, or even at a garage sale. However, be sure that you know the condition of the crib before you buy it and you should find out whether or not it's missing any screws or has any defects. A weak crib could spell disaster if you're not too careful.

Playpens and Playards

Some manufacturers sell playards for your baby. They actually double as a bassinet for early in the child's life, but then you can take the bassinet part out and just use them as a playard for your baby. These play-yards usually are easily foldable so that they're easy to transport in case you need to take your child to the babysitter's house or your parent's house. If you're buying a playard then you can have this right beside your bed to use for the first few months of the baby's life, and then transfer them to the crib in their own nursery when they're just a few months old.

Baby cribs, bassinets, and playards are some of the more expensive furniture that you'll need to buy for your baby when he or she comes home from the hospital. Knowing how you'll benefit from each one is something good to know before you go out and actually buy them.

Eye Risks Associated with Copper Supplements

May 14, 2021
Eye Risks Associated with Copper Supplements

Each year, more and more families are turning to alternative medicine as a form of healing and as a way to reduce the cost of health care. If you are considering the use of supplements in your diet, and if copper supplements are a recommendation that has been given to you, it is important to first understand what health risks are associated with these types of supplements, including a risk to your eyes, learn more.

direct supervision of a doctor

Copper supplements, like other supplements, should only be used under the direct supervision of a doctor and only used to the directed dosing indicated with the product. When using copper supplements, there is a risk for accumulating too much copper in the bloodstream which can lead to over dosing of this supplement and cause adverse reactions to the liver. For many users of copper supplements, the need for supplementing with this product is specifically related to disease and most physicians will not recommend simply adding to improve overall health. Even still, if you choose to use copper supplements it is important to monitor your liver health and often, when there is a complication, your eyes will be the first area to reflect this.

Typically, when our livers are not functioning properly, due to excessive copper or other complications, we notice jaundice of the skin and yellowing in the eyes. In addition, some individuals who have an abnormal function of the liver will also notice there is an onset of tremors and complications of normal speech. When copper, however, is the culprit behind the abnormal liver function, you will actually notice a change to the color of your eyes and the presence of a ring around the pupil, commonly referred to as Kayser-Fleischer ring.

using copper supplements

If, while using copper supplements, you notice that the color of your eyes is changing, and if you notice the development of a ring of abnormal color around the pupil, this may be indicative of excessive copper accumulation in the body. With this rise in copper, complications of the liver may be a health issue that your physician will need to address. When this complication arises, be sure to seek out medical attention from a healthcare professional and discontinue using copper supplements until your doctor has approved the resumption of use.

Sources: The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Liver Disorders, by Nizar Zein, pp. 45-48.


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