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Who Am I

Who Am I

I love photography,
with passion and professionalism.

I am an artist, a memory maker, a historian, and a documentary specialist. I love to study people and watch their interactions. Smiling happy faces and heartfelt embraces, stolen glances and once-in-a-lifetime chances…these are the images I love to capture.



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What Do I Do

My professional background includes more than 20 years of taking photographs for weddings, families, and businesses.

What Do I Do

Lifestyle Portraits

These days families are requesting a more relaxed approach to family portraits. I like to think of the process as lifestyle portraits—capturing people in their most comfortable or natural environments.

Wedding Documentaries

I am the lead photographer on all of my wedding shoots and conduct them in an unobtrusive documentary style of photography that records your most special day as it unfolds naturally.

Commercial Shoots

Whatever your business marketing needs, I can help, whether it is attending a special event, setting up a photo shoot to meet specific needs, taking professional head shots.

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How To Check A Charge Air Cooler?

July 15, 2020

We need to change our air cooler to cool the engine air, but want to check the air coolers, water level, and charge, and as well this will be cleaned on not. These are the important features we should check daily; these are the main things to protect our system from the damage. Now we discuss the different kinds of ways to check the charge air cooler. The air conditioners are designed to cool the home contiguously to the desired temperature of the owner. For checking the water or ice cube level in the air cooler, you may have one lid on the top left or top right of the air cooler to pour the water or ice cube in it. Open that lid and see the water level, if it goes to low add water and fill it. This will be a simple step to check the air cooler’s water level.

How To Use The Air Cooler Efficiently

How To Use The Air Cooler Efficiently?

The air coolers are the proper system to make your surroundings cool. If you want to get more chillness from your air cooler fix it in front of the window to get cooler air. This technique will help you to get more effective work from the air cooler. You can experience an amazing cooling atmosphere at the time of using the air cooler. This will helps to handle with care to enjoy the long term cooling and reduce the heat level around you. This will be the best idea or the thing you should have in the summer season to make you feel as a winter or rainy season. The air coolers help you to produce the fresh air to feel fresh and relaxed.

What Are The Advantages Of The Charge Air Cooler?

Even the installation of the AC has some regulations and safety measures that need to be followed by the individuals. The professionals are very much familiar with the same and make sure that all the precautions are kept in mind. This results in a proper air conditioner installation without compromising safety. If the air conditioner installation is not done correctly, there are high chances that it will face several problems. You will have to call the experts again and again thus wasting time and money. So it is important to seek the assistance of the professionals in this case and they will complete the installation way and check everything as well. Affordable is one of the advantages for the air cooler, this means fewer prices with best quality. The air coolers are a lot cheaper and use very less energy in comparison to air conditioners. Because of all these reasons, air coolers can easily be made affordable by a majority of people, and the upper-middle-class, as well as the lower-middle-class family both, can easily afford the air coolers. Here is the greater option to know plenty of air coolers and the advantages Once you make use of this air cooler you are interested to refer this other.

How To Make Air Cooler Colder?

July 14, 2020
How To Make Air Cooler Colder

In this electronic world, everything is made by technology because no one wants to work in their hand so they made several devices to help them. Not every people wants to do their work with the devices but some of them are enjoying the device company. So they create a lot of devices. Now you can see one of the best electronic devices they create. The name of that device is an air cooler. So by using this electronic device you can feel freeze because the main motive of using this air cooler is to make you cooler. Nowadays every people suffers from the excess hot climate. What are all our mistakes also but no one can understand and accept that it is our fault.

The Best Air Cooler And It's Uses:

The Best Air Cooler And It's Uses

The brand new mini air cooler was now introduced and welcome all of the people. Do not need to think about the quality but if you are thinking about the quality of the product then go and visit our website and continue reading at our site will help you to know more about the quality of the air cooler. The name of the mini air cooler is Blaux portable mini air cooler. It is small in size but high in quality so you can buy this air cooler without any doubts. If you are still not sure about the feature of this blaux air cooler then continue reading below.

Now you start reading this because you want to know the details about the air cooler. By reading this you can know about how to operate the cooler and how it is very useful to you and your family members. Well! After buying this air cooler then you can think that you are not wasting your time and money to buy this. Because you can feel the awesome benefits of this air cooler after it provide you the coolest air. You can add water to get cool air and also you can add ice cubes to get the coolest air.

The Multiple Benefits Of This Air Cooler:

There are three options in the mini air cooler and that is low, high, and medium. That means you can slow the air consumption by turned on the low option and is you want a medium air consumption then you can turn the medium option to get the air at medium level. If you want an air at high speed then you can turn on the high-level option to get a high volume of the air. Every day and every hour the people suffer from the hottest climate so by considering the people situation this blaux portable air cooler is created. This blaux portable air cooler is manufacture by the Hong Kong company and the name of that company is Blaux. It is one of the best companies in that country.

The Multiple Benefits Of This Air Cooler

So they manufacture the electronic device and shipping all over the world. You can order the air cooler by visiting the website given above. Now you can see the technical usage of buying this air cooler. If you buy this air cooler then you can save the electricity because it is a chargeable air cooler and it has the battery then you can charge the battery with using the USB cable. They can provide you a cable when they shipping this product to you. By using the USB cable you can charge the battery and the battery is so powerful and it has the long-lasting power so you do not need to buy the battery after buying this air cooler. Hurry! Go and visit the website and get the product at affordable price.

What Do 30 Lbs Weight Loss Look Like

July 11, 2020
What Do 30 Lbs Weight Loss Look Like

It is not an easy task to reduce or lose 30 lbs weight, but there is one thing raised what does 30lbs weight loss look like? After losing your weight you will feel stress less, feel better, relaxed, get more confidence, easy to do any work, and hopeful. Once you reduce your weight after that love yourself and more excited. Now we see the simple tips to lose your weight in less days. The first thing is to increase water intake in your body this will be the best and simple thing to reduce your weight. Increase protein intake, avoid junk food, reduce intake of carbohydrates, continuous exercise, and never skip your meals. Weight loss can be accelerated with the right nutrition and metabolism. This post discusses the best foods and exercises, and lifestyle tips for weight. Reducing calorie intake is one of the important things to reduce your weight quickly.

Drinking Water Can Help You Burn More Calories

Drinking Water Can Help You Burn More Calories

The first way drinking water can help you lose weight is by simply increasing the amount of calories you burn. Energy expenditure increased by 24% over 60 min after ingesting 500 ml of water. The exact amount will most likely be different from person to person but those are still promising results. A lot of people would be happy with burning an extra 100 calories a day. You can most likely burn even more calories if you drink your water cold. The low temperature can make your body use more energy is also called as calories to heat back up.

Water Can Reduce Hunger

Drinking water can help reduce your appetite. Hunger and cravings are common reasons why people fail to stick to their weight loss habits. Avoiding these can be very beneficial for your progress. Water before breakfast reduced the amount of calories they ate by about 13%. The healthy, non-obese, younger individuals didn't show any significant difference. Drinking an extra 2 liters of water a day can help you burn an extra 100 calories a day that means in a week you burn an extra 700 calories. Keep this up for 5 weeks and you've burned up to the amount of calories in a pound of body fat.

Water Can Reduce Hunger

The good part about water is also that it doesn't contain any calories. Drinking 500 ml of water before a meal showed a 44% greater decline compared to a group that didn't drink any water before a meal. The fluids from water and other beverages and food are important for your body. For most people around 20 percent of their daily fluid intake comes from food, the rest from drinks like water. Of course, this amount varies from individual to individual because of height, weight. If you live in a warm climate and sweat a lot you will most likely need more water. Being physically active can also increase the amount of water you need. Also, you can refer more tips and benefits of weight loss here

Why My Smartwatch Won’t Connect To My Computer

July 10, 2020
Why My Smartwatch Won't Connect To My Computer

You can connect your smartwatch with your computer, laptops, palmtops, smartphones, through the Wi-Fi connection. If you are not able to connect your smartwatch with your computer there are two things you may miss out such as not turn on the Bluetooth or in settings you do not connect the device. To connect your smartwatch with the computer, go to the settings and check whether the airplane mode is on, if it is on make off. And search the connect the device option and turn on it to connect the device. And then you can easily connect your device through the Bluetooth connection. This will be the easiest process to connect the smartwatch with the computers.

What Are The Benefits Of The Smartwatch

What Are The Benefits Of The Smartwatch

This premium smartwatch is here to satisfy everyone, whether it is children, teens, or adults. Today, people can see a front line approach to manage many activities in this world. Everything is modernizing, allowing humanity to meet the needs they never thought possible years ago. The Internet is a point to bring people closer by ensuring communication is smooth and highly effective. It also helps with family unit tasks, learning things, and providing important information people will need. Undoubtedly making the world a better place and more united. Most people now find the highest standard in everything they want to get online. All in all, this change was made towards creating hours and improving health. At the moment, everyone is aware of the smartwatch and the multitasking ability it offers. The music player tracks the number of walks you take, allows people to receive calls, and shows time. The smartwatches have plenty of benefits and one of the best electrical devices needed for all the peoples like adults, men’s, women’s, and kids.

What is GX SmartWatch?

This is called GX SmartWatch. Many people have started using this watch now. Having more features and up to 5 times more expensive build quality watches is a simple choice for anyone who wants to buy another smartwatch. GX SmartWatch is produced using quality materials that give a luxurious atmosphere. The front and back are covered with glass that neatly cleans and looks incredible. Also, the wrist strap is perfectly made to fit any age group, making it perfect for training and easy handling. Honestly, GX SmartWatch was produced considering all age groups. This is the reason for some of the very high features such as good health tracker, zone GPS tracking, notifications for notifications, and WiFi. Today, the health smartwatch does not take into account that they do not give you the latest information about your wrist. The wonderful GX SmartWatch guarantees you keep up with your friends and family, colleagues, and the latest developments and follow your progress. This is just a hint of something bigger. To provide you with the absolute truth of what it has to offer you, you had to conduct accurate research on this smartwatch.

What is GX SmartWatch Features?

What is GX SmartWatch Features

Specially designed for the different kinds of customers who love to maintain their health care and this will have the premium materials to make more flexible. This will be the water and dust Resistant smartwatch, Seven hundred suitable for your events, Equipped with latest health monitor functions, Long battery life with fast charge, Flawless with android and iOS devices, and Eye-Catching Design. This will support a magnetic charging connector, supports a variety of sports, notification function, remote camera, Motion sensor, Alarm function, Calories and pedometer, sleep monitor, the long-lasting battery, and high durability, and blood pressure measurement and heart rate. Also you can refer further details about the smartwatches here

How to Identify the Best Horse Breeds

July 9, 2020
How to Identify the Best Horse Breeds

To identify the horse breed leg is the best sign for identification and American horse breed and Morgan breeds are had long and thick tail, necks, and heads each horse has some unique qualities and some features and the American horse are most popular in the world and use this horse for a long distance ride it makes you feel comfortable to find the horse breed is very difficult, for that you can follow some techniques and using three categories for easy horse breed identification such as tattoo on the upper lip and brands and legs.

The horse breeds are commonly used for racing and fun riding, in some cases the DNA will check for the horse breed and it shows true identification of the horse and some parental information if the horse has any infection from their parental jean means it will identify the horse blood. The most common horse breeds are American quarter horse, Arabian horse, American pain horse, thoroughbred, appaloosa, Frisian horse, Clydesdale horse, Morgan horse, miniatures horse these are the most common horses in the world. If you want to know more about horse identification refer this link

Great Techniques For Identify The Horse Breed

Great Techniques For Identify The Horse Breed:

For easy identification some of three techniques will used in the horse breed use these techniques you can guess the horse breed and understand the characteristic of the horse and the categories are,

  1. Hot bloods
  2. Cold bloods
  3. Warm bloods

Hot Bloods:

The first category is identified the hot bloods horse such as Arabian horse and thoroughbreds horse and you can easily identify the thoroughbred and thoroughbreds crosses by side of the horse will be unique and these type of horse maintenance take some extra time and you should maintain horse weight and muscle tone. And the Arabian horse and Arabian horse cross bread can identify by strength and lengthy tail.

Clod Bloods:

The cold blood horse breeds is pony breed and it has heavy bone and feather, but it is easy to maintain and its look very beautiful this type of pony breed used in the wars and long distance riding.

Warm Blood:

The warm blood horse breed is combination of hot blood and cold blood breeds and its very broad categories and mainly it has best mind and best physical characteristics and these type of warm blood horse used in the sports so it has sport breed discipline. Now the warm blood horses are more popular in US. This warm blood horse is one of the oldest horses in the world.

Warm Blood

Most of the people will not familiar about horse breed for that these upper lip tattoo will help to identify the freeze brand of the horse and if you want to fun ride and also ride so far means you can choose smoother horse characteristic it will make your ride more comfortable and memorable ride. The appaloosa horse breed is most colorful horse bread in the world and it looks most beautiful, and they will spot with coat pattern and long neck breed is best horse breed.

How to Clean A Leather Watch Strap?

July 8, 2020
How to Clean A Leather Watch Strap

A leather strap watch is an attractive and functional fashion statement for men or women and it became a versatile choice among people as it looks good with business attire or with a casual wardrobe and comes in many styles with different faces and features, and is available from several different watch manufacturers. There are a lot of considerations to be made when a person is looking to purchase a new watch. They need to consider the functions they need, the color or material they are looking for, a brand they may prefer, and whether they want a luxury watch or they need a casual watch, and whether they want a watch that is digital or analog. The selections are vast, so much so that it can be mind-boggling to anyone beginning a search.

Clean A Leather Watch Strap

Leather Straps:

Leather strap watch might feel like part of our arm but taking care of an ordinary leather watch strap can also be difficult. Leather strap watches have an elegant and distinctive style that is always a popular item of fashion with the discerning gentleman. Kingson-Arts strap is specialized in manufacturing real high-quality watch straps. However, they are created with innovative technology that offers a degree of reliability and dependability. They make leather straps with finest Italian calfskin and from rare exotic skin from crocodile, lizard, and even with shark fish. They come in different colors. Its special quality of these watches is that they are stitched by local skilled women.

Cleaning Leather Watch Straps:

Nowadays a large number of people use watches with leather straps. Because of the bacteria and the sweat on the leather bands will lead to the stinky smell that exhales from the leather band. The main reason is that the strap does not breathe well. At first one need to put a little foam of non-corrosive soap on both sides of the strap. Be sure to rub all places to keep the strap clean. Second, you had better prepare a damp cloth which is wetted with warm water to get rid of the foam after cleaning. One should be sure to remove all the foam on the strap. After cleaning the strap with the moist cloth, a dry cloth is needed.

Cleaning Leather Watch Straps

We have to wipe all parts of the strap or it will be corroded when soaked by the water for a long time. One thing that can help to keep your watch working well is finding good places to dry it. Try to put the band in an environment that is not humid. Make sure that the area is warm enough to dry your watch. Let it stay there for a few hours. One can follow these steps to keep their watch in good condition. Pay more attention to the smell in that you can decide on when you need to clean the leather strap. Then the strap will not have a strange smell. One should remember that they can do the steps so that the watch will be in good shape. For more details refer

How to Add Knitted Ribbed Cuffs

July 7, 2020
How to Add Knitted Ribbed Cuffs

In this modern world everyone wants to be unique. Whatever it maybe a dress or jewel but every people like to wear their unique collections to attract the people. Choosing the best textile for ordering the clothes is an important thing in everyday life. In this world there are a lot of textiles that manufacturing the fabric products but some of them are providing the quality product also few of them did not provide the best and quality products to the people? So people had a bad name about every textile products. To avoiding those thinking there is a website that gives you the full details about the best textile company in all over the world. If you visit that site once then you can understand the quality of the product they manufacture.

The Best Textile Industry

One of the best textiles you never see before for manufacturing the quality product is given here. If you visit the site that mention below then you can easily understand why they are very popular in all over the textile industries. The name of that textile industry is AMD textile. Here you can collect the full details about how this industry gets the huge customers and why the manufacturing products of this industry are unique. Nowadays everyone likes to start the textile business but the motive of that decision is not providing the quality product instead of earning money is the main motive. But this AMD textile is not like every industry. They work for providing the quality product the people not for earning money.

The Best Textile Industry

So only their product reach the people and every people like to use the product they manufacture. You can think that there are a lot of industries that providing the best product and why this industry is unique. The best answer for that question is the experience. If one company has more experience than you can see that experience in their product. The manufacturing experience of this AMD textile is over 15 years. So only they can easily find out the way to impress the people by providing the best product. They are tried to impress the people by the buggy products instead of they trying to attract the people by providing the quality and best product.

Why AMD Textile Is Best?

Why AMD Textile Is Best

Do you want to know why AMD textile is best in every company then start reading here. That are they manufacture the product by their own mind, and they are not try to copy the product that manufacture by the other industry. So the design that they manufacture is unique. And if you buy the fabric in some other company and day by day the color will fade and the fabric is lost it is originality. But if you buy the fabric that manufacturing by the AMD textile then the color will not fade away. Well! Visit this website to place your order and know more details.

What Is An Elastic Band

July 6, 2020
What Is An Elastic Band

The people on the earth have a separate mindset. Some of them think that wearing the old clothes is enough for them but also some of the people think that wearing the branded and perfect dress is the most important thing in their life so they invest a lot of money for buying the best clothes. But they are not looking for quality clothes. For example, they buy the dress by the way of the business people advertise. They do not think about the quality.

This is one type of person. The other type os people looking for the money but not the quality so they buy the dress at a low cost and sometimes the low-cost dresses are lost it is color or some other qualities. Fine! Looking for the money or looking for quality is not a matter but once you clear about the product details then it leads you to buy the quality product at an affordable price. The problems that happen if you bought the less quality brands.

List Of The Common Problems

List Of The Common Problems

Here is the problems are listed. The first one is, the elastic bands are lost it is quality after some use. So you cannot change the elastic band and so you lost your favorite clothes by this only one issue. So only they said that think before buying anything. If you think before buying the pant and it is elastic quality then there are no issues that occur after some uses. Then the next problem is, color fading in the elastic band.

That means the quality of the product is not only based on the elastic band but if the color of the elastic band is fade so quickly then it is also considered as the quality issue. Yeah! I think so now you are very clear about how to check the dress with the elastic band quality. Go and visit the website mention here. That is https://www.amdwebbing.comto gain more knowledge about the elastic band and the importance of the elastic band in the clothing. Well! You can know more about the details of the company that manufacturing the quality elastic bands.

The Best Brand For Elastic Band:

The brand name is Amanda textile and it is simply called as AMDTEX. This is one of the best manufacturing companies in the world because the elastic band comes from this company is long-lasting and there is no issues are given by the customer till now. So this is the best thing that makes you to trust this company so much. This company is an experienced company so they know many details of the people and what they want from them. For the people wish they manufacture the quality elastic bands. Not only the people the biggest textile industries trust their brand and give bulk orders to them. You can question that how many years of experience this company had. So the answer I gave now can make you shock because they experience is too ancient.

The Best Brand For Elastic Band

The twenty-two years of experience make them to know more about the people modern wishes. The best thing they do to the people and make the people trust their products and that is short time delivery. Yes! If you order any product in this company then they will deliver that product within two weeks and not every company does the same. But this company has the best and experienced workers so they finish the order on time and deliver too quickly. So if you are the owner of any textiles then is you are looking for the best elastic band then don't waste your time and make the above website to order the bands.

Which Is Longe Copper Or Nickel And Alloy

July 5, 2020
Which Is Longe Copper Or Nickel And Alloy

There are different types of alloy are prepared from the nickel and each differs from characteristic, property, shapes, features and composition. You have to know the essential properties to know more about its specific usage. You should know the properties and application of the nickel alloy before buying for personal use. Some of the strategy to be considered when choosing to buy the nickel and alloy metals. Hastelloy is the group of over twenty allow using some of the nickel elements such as cobalt, iron, chromium, aluminum, carbon, and others.

These alloys are highly resistant to corrosion and high-performance alloy. The main property of the metal is that it will withstand high pressure and high temperature. It is mainly used in the chemical industry and pressure vessel. Monel is made up of nickel and copper and there is also resistance to corrosions. It is mainly used for piping and strainer basket of the marine industry.

Various Types of Metals

Various Types of Metals

Inconel alloy is made up of mixing nickel and some other elements such as carbon, silicon, cobalt and iron. These nickel alloys are highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation then it is used in extreme environmental condition. This kind of metals is mainly used in the applications of pressure vessel, steam generator and gas turbine blades. There are many components of elements are combined to make the best alloy metals and used for various applications. These nickel alloy of steel and plates manufacturing are made highly and manufactured with the best quality.

The company has manufacture stainless steel and supply to many countries. This nickel alloy manufacturer is one of the leading company which manufacture alloy and stainless steel element with a different component.  These are mainly used for commercial use because the elements are heavy and huge. For the industrial purpose, this kind of stainless steel, nickel and alloy can be used. Before deciding to buy any kind of metals or elements you have to consider some of the vital factors about it.

Where To Get It

Different types are element are form with the combination of a nickel alloy. This kind of alloys is mainly used for corrosion-free and high-temperature atmosphere. It has to tolerate the heat and pressure produce in large scale industries. The price of the nickel alloy has increased for several years due to the demand of the stocks. For commercial and industrial usage, you have to purchase the best quality of elements. All the metals and elements are made with the combinations of nickel alloy and a few other elements.

Where To Get It

These are highly durable and excellent performance because of using high-quality materials. You can get copper alloy, stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, titanium and tungsten carbide alloys. Before delivery the products they do processing and testing for more than 3 times and then proceed for further steps. They always offer free technical support to the customer to help them to know about to choose the best material for their need.

How to Learn Programming Languages for Game Development

July 4, 2020
How to Learn Programming Languages for Game Development

Globally, gaming is the best way to entertain themselves and effectively spend their leisure time. Consequently, a huge number of people love to play games and to make their amusement more fun plenty of games are developed and released up-to-date. All age group people like to play the game and forget stressful life for some time. While playing updated games you have a chance to upgrade your knowledge also. By playing you will bale to know more new things with the latest technology. There are a larger number of games are developed in various category. Most of the youngster would like to prefer battle, fight, adventure and action games most probably. Thus the designer and the developer of the gaming company also focused on the multiplayer action games. Many online free games are also available a few people paly that games and many gaming lovers interested in buying the video gaming console.

Learn Programming Languages for Game Development

Nowadays lots of games are stuffed in the gaming console. Therefore people all over the world like to buy different types of video games. To get rid form the work pressure and make the mind free gaming is the best way that's why many youngster play the many games. The gaming console is released with an updated version so people have the option to buy a new version with advanced features. When buying the video game console you have to consider some of the important factors. According to it, you have to buy affordable video games. Otherwise, play free online games which have numerous multiplayer games and you have the option to make new friends worldwide. A large number of companies designing and developing new games and released with advanced features. Many youngster dreams to become the gaming designer and developer

Use the Programming Languages

To become a game developer you have to learn languages such as C++ and Java. This is the two main languages need for game development. Those who know these two languages well will get the best opportunity of getting game development easily. Some other programming languages are also available but that is all optional. Some of the game programming languages are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and SQL are also used in game design and development. The programming languages are used to develop the best games with the talented team using some factor. With the complete base, product programming uses some code to make the game live. Programming is one of the essential things to develop all the games effectively. In a maximum number of the games C, C++ and HTML5 is the most used programming language used codes for the development. You can get more profit if you are the best game design and developer because it is the most successful field.

Use the Programming Languages

You can able to learn game programming language online because in recent days there are lots of opportunities available online. Many websites provide complete guidance and information about game design and development. If you have any doubts visit this site to get further details. There is a gaming engine method is trending nowadays and many of the gaming company use this technique for the development of the games. When you are playing games online, Smartphone, PC, gaming console and any of the gadgets you will get the guidance of the character. In each game there are enormous characters are designed and developed according to the nature of the games. The game engine is used to produce games for different platform. This is the new technology used to make several games using various methods. Developer and the team make the best to produce different games.


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