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Who Am I

Who Am I

I love photography,
with passion and professionalism.

I am an artist, a memory maker, a historian, and a documentary specialist. I love to study people and watch their interactions. Smiling happy faces and heartfelt embraces, stolen glances and once-in-a-lifetime chances…these are the images I love to capture.



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What Do I Do

My professional background includes more than 20 years of taking photographs for weddings, families, and businesses.

What Do I Do

Lifestyle Portraits

These days families are requesting a more relaxed approach to family portraits. I like to think of the process as lifestyle portraits—capturing people in their most comfortable or natural environments.

Wedding Documentaries

I am the lead photographer on all of my wedding shoots and conduct them in an unobtrusive documentary style of photography that records your most special day as it unfolds naturally.

Commercial Shoots

Whatever your business marketing needs, I can help, whether it is attending a special event, setting up a photo shoot to meet specific needs, taking professional head shots.

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Get More Info About Breakthrough Pain

March 21, 2020
Get More Info About Breakthrough Pain

Many people affected with chronic pain from cancer, arthritis or other health issues. Breakthrough pain is the level of pain severe for a short time where the pain in the body is usually the same as the patient’s chronic pain. It occurs with illness, depression and some other activities. If we suffer with this type of chronic pain, we should find out the way to cure. Vigor health pharmacy is an online site; it provides a best medicine for chronic pain that is Fentanyl. We can buy Fentanyl at online. This Fentanyl is use to help in severe pain relief such as due to cancer. Fentanyl belongs to type of drugs known as opioid. It works in the brain to change how it will responds to pain.

Where To Buy Fentanyl?

Where To Buy Fentanyl

Mainly, Fentanyl treats in breakthrough pain, sudden pain that occurs regardless of round the clock treatment with the pain medication in cancer patients for 18 years of age or atleast 16 years of age. They can take regularly, dose of another opiate pain medicine. Some patients can tolerate the pain and effects of the medicine; they can take it daily schedule for narcotic pain. Fentanyl is using in the class of narcotic analgesics. Fentanyl can change the nervous system in our brain and make it respond to the pain in our body. Fentanyl is 800 to 1000 times stronger than morphine, Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl developed for pain relief treatments to make use it for cancer patients.

The dose of Fentanyl transdermal patch based on many factors and it is individualized. Patients should use the dose of opioid medication before start a treatment by using Fentanyl. Patients affect from many things compared with normal person, like body weight, other medications and other medical conditions. Patient should consult a doctor before use it, they need to check our health condition. All can apply the patch of Fentanyl for skin. Popular actresses did it for their skin care. It helps to prevent their skin from irritation. Click here for more info.

About Vigor Health Pharmacy

Vigor health pharmacy does not assume any responsibility for any aspects of health care with aid of materials provided. We do not spend time in searching a best shop to buy Fentanyl, vigor health pharmacy sell the high quality Fentanyl. We can buy it here to use. Vigor health pharmacy packing our product without any branding labels and them only uses plain packing system. In most of the cases, packing is sent with a gift for the bigger packing rapidly to the activate customers. Vigor health pharmacy has hundred percent delivery success rates with fast delivery. If having any issues with shopping in this vigor health pharmacy site, they have customer care service to clear all the problems via mails or phone calls. All can get Fentanyl easily by online pharmacy site. Vigor health pharmacy has good reviews at online and it helps to deliver the products as soon as possible.

Does UV Light Really Sanitize?

March 19, 2020
Does UV Light Really Sanitize

This world is full of bad and unhealthy things and that’s why people do many things to keep their environment and surrounding healthy. A healthy and clean environment is very important for a happy life. So, there are many kinds of things are available for cleaning. If we talk about cleaning then people clean their homes with the help of many cleaning tools and make their homes clean and healthy. If we talk about bacteria then you know that a bacterium less environment is very important for you and that’s why there are many things with which you can make your environment bacteria less.

If we talk about UV lights then it is a very important thing for people and people take the help of UV lights in many ways. If we say simply then UV lights help you to kill the bacteria in your surroundings and environment. you can open this link for UV lights. So, in today’s article, we will tell you that UV lights are real and sanitize in reality. If we say simply then we will help you to understand the effects of UV lights.

What about Sanitize by UV lights

What about Sanitize by UV lights

As you know, there are many kinds of bacteria in your environment and that’s why people use different kinds of things to kill harmful bacteria. You can open this link for UV lights. UV lights are a kind of good and amazing thing to kill bacteria. Many people search over the internet that does UV light really sanitize. So, we have a correct and amazing answer for you.

If we say simply then UV lights are actually a good option to kill bacteria and it kills the bacteria in reality. So, you can use UV lights to sanitize your environment. Without a doubt, it is a good and effective option to kill bacteria and germs. Germs and bacteria are very harmful to you and that’s why you should go with the UV lights idea.

Different Types of UV Lights

Bacteria and germs are very bad for your environment and that’s why you should use healthy things for your environment. If we talk about UV lights then you know very well that UV lights are known as ultraviolet lights and used to kill bacteria and germs. If we talk about different types of UV then there are three main kinds of UV lights are available for you which are UVA, UVB, and UVC.

If we talk about UVC lights then these are very effective and can kill bacteria easily. If we say simply then UVC rays have the shortest wavelength and highest energy. So, you can kill bacteria with the help of UV lights. People use in hospitals and food factory to make the environment clean and healthy.

Different Types of UV Lights

In this way, we can say that UV lights are actually effective and kill the germs and bacteria in reality. So, now it’s on you that you want to use these types of lights or not, to make your environment clean and bacteria less.

Discounts to Get Boosting on Overwatch Account

March 18, 2020
Discounts to Get Boosting on Overwatch Account

There are a lot of options to get boost our account on overwatch. We can get our overwatch boosting easily by skill rating boost, duo queue boost, win boosting, boosting packs, placement matches. And, we can improve our skills by skill rating maintenance, account leveling, and coaching. We get the preferred skill rating on our overwatch account after we boosted our account. We can play with a professional booster by using a duo queue boost.

Safe overwatch boosting ideas

We can buy a specific number of competitive wins for our overwatch account. Boosting packs offer to get the highest rank and increase our skill rate for discounted prices. Placement matches helps to deliver a perfect competitive season to start a game in overwatch. We can maintain our skill rate by the service of anti-decay for a while of our choice. We get lootboxes by account leveling and it helps to reach the competitive level as fast as possible. Improve our skills and mindset to achieve in overwatch by coaching. Coaching is an effective way to get a boost for our overwatch.

Buy boost option also available in overwatch. Having a process to purchase, we select the details of our purchase. Click the buy boost button, after clicking this option we can continue as a guest or return customer. Click the purchase button to redirect the chosen payment gateway. We can track our order in the member’s area. Then we can pause or chat live with our booster.

Protection in getting boost

Protection in getting boost

We have to follow the process of boost by spectating a private stream with our professional booster. This option is available for most overwatch boost types to make it possible for all players to watch our booster play. We can utilize VPN protection in overwatchroyal boosters. It allows us to stay undetected by blizzard. Having security measurements in overwatchroyal with IP address, overwatch boost royal is the only option to provide offers that is time guarantee on command purchase. We can be following in the player’s area by time limit is depends on order.

Boost our account with chat options

We can contact our booster by chat with the booster option but it is not easier. A built-in chat window is available in all command boxes, using this to make the booster. Here, more overwatch boosting services are available compared to others. Overwatch boost provider is registered to offer account protection. We can achieve the highest possible win rate by completing the level. We must be careful in selecting the management of the professional booster employees. Overwatch is the first registered company in the gaming industry. Here, we have a significant competition to get overwatch boosting prices and we can get continuous discounts. It makes us offer the lowest prices on the market the highest quality of service in overwatch boost. Overwatch provides the top quality of service to purchase in the boosting process. We play the game and get the boosting option in highest quality and privacy in overwatch.

League of Legends elo boosting for your account

March 17, 2020
lol elo boosting

Nowadays the world is experiencing a lot of achievement in every field especially in technology development. It made us live in some magical universe and computer technology, many inventions are introduced day by day. Among them for the entertainment of the people, many online games are developed and becoming more popular. In online video games, we can play with different users worldwide. With the help of the internet, this made a lot of changes in our life and lifestyle. So everyone loves to play free games online in their leisure time. Multiplayer games are becoming more popular among the people so they stimulate the people to play the game eagerly. In Single-player games you can play along with it sometimes made you feel boring. Therefore people prefer mostly multiplayer and adventure games, it has many levels to cross and induce you to play with millions of users.

With this enhanced technology, the internet is the main factor to play online games. You can log in anywhere from the world to play the games online. You have more facilities to upgrade yourself and get more knowledge about the games online. League of Legends is the multiplayer game available online to entertain people with lots of interesting levels. Before playing the games you should know some things about the lol. If you are more enthusiastic in which you are going to play then you should achieve all the level and strive heavily with the opposite player. Every game has some set of rules to sign up and to play the game online. In lol elo boosting is used to increase the gaming level that makes the player to win the current level and promote to the next level of the game.

What is elo boosting?

What is elo boosting

Elo boosting is otherwise known as matchmaking rank, which is used for the player to increase the rank of the games. To accomplish the service the player provide booster access to the account. There are lots of beneficial factors of using the elo booster in lol. At the time of boost, the player who owns the account cannot able to continue the game or login to the account they have to wait for some to boost their account and wait for sometimes. If the booster acquires the particular league of what they have set as some peculiar rules to get the actual boost. Then the player can reach the complete boost and back to the account again to play the game. Then the player of lol decides to play the next level to get the boost again and they should have smurf account separately to continue the next level of the game.

In the league of legends game, elo booster plays the main role for the player to achieve their goal in a short period. The advantages of buying an elo booster to enhance the gaming level, this will helps to reach you to the next level in less time. The game will consume lots of time to pass through the next levels of the games even it takes some months to achieve the further levels. In this situation, you should need to spend a whole day in a game without concentrating on another part of your life. At the time this lol elo boosting supports you to cross the level and lead the way to succeed in the game. If the opponent has more booster you cannot access your account then he will play many levels. So to avoid such things you should get the booster to access the account.

Role of boosting in online battle games

March 16, 2020
elo boost

Online games are the most important hobby for all game lovers in the fast moving internet world. There are number of online games are available in the internet market. User can select multiplayer online games if they want to explore their game adventure. In multiplayer online games, you can select the player or character which you want to play as like opponent do. Based on the characters you can select the game level options as well. Before start playing, you need to understand the main objective of the game in order to select the difficulty, medium or easy level.

League of legends is one of the multiplayer online battle game which is most popular among youngsters. Usually battle games are the most interesting game. To get the better experience in the online gaming, there are many boosting options are available in the internet. In order to get best boosting service, many players are seeking various options in the internet. In this competitive gaming industry, every player has to give more importance to their game levels. Game is always not in a constant mode. Every time it changes its vision and player needs to focus on the game for victory. You can possible to win in one or two matches but not in all.

Role of boosting in online battle games

If you want to be a champion in your level of game, then you need to have a booster option. Also you need to know about what is boosting in league of legends, which is really must to strengthen and create battle between your all opponent players. League of legends game creators are thinking in a very different way and they shows the real battle between the game players. Constant changing of champions in every round of games makes the game very interesting to watch among the other players and audiences. No one feels dull at any point of the entire game.

A highly skilled player always have a high chance to win championship in their game play. Every player have their own strength and weakness. Ranking is based on the number of winning chances in your round of game. Elo boosting helps you to get ranking in your battle. It is very secure and safe boosting option for all types of skilled players. Different types of Lol elo boost options are available in online. Knowing about what is boosting in league of legends helps you to select the boosting options for you. Boost royal is one of the company which helps you in providing best boosting experience in your riot and battle game. Checkout their various services and offers offered for the players in the list. You can buy their Lol elo boosting account in affordable price range and can use it for your game boosting.

All over the global, players are showing interest towards buying their best elo boosting options through internet. Hiring someone to run your gaming account really helps to get champion ship whenever you feel tired itself. By using games boosting service, you can play your game even when you are offline or you are unavailable for some time. The player whom you are appointing will be playing for you instead of you. Different type of packages and different types of players are available in this service. You can select your player and package according to the game which you choose actually. Price range also varies depends on the package which you are picking up. You can easily earn your advancements with the help of some other player which you are hired for your game.

How To Put Headphone Earpads Back On?

March 15, 2020
How To Put Headphone Earpads Back On

Be it wireless editions or wired headphones, you can opt for anyone as per choice. Nowadays, there are different brands or designs of earphones available in the market. While trading and headphones, you don’t need to give up or compromise on the quality. You should get the infinite by taking the quality earphones. To do so, you check the attributes of headphone will help to use effectively.

Whether you want to purchase the wireless or wired headphones, you cannot skip comparing the features of two trades. To do so, you can get appropriate information from the reviews or buying guides. At these websites, you can compare the features of the product to opt for the right pair.

Headphone Earpads Back

Nowadays, numerous headsets come with replaceable or removable ear cushions. To purchase the best one, you can compare the features of the headphones. Make sure the headphone has a removable ear cushion that is replaced easily with a serial number located on the ear cushion. You can check all these listed below instructions help to put the ear pads back on the earphone. It’s required to all the instructions appropriately to complete the process with no doubts.

How To Remove

On the headset, the ear pads are designed to be replaceable or removable. It depends on the use or for hygiene purposes. It’s recommended to replace the ear pads in just 3 months. There is a need to change the ear pads that will help to protect the Year from numerous diseases or problems.

To do so, you need to release the cloth from the top or you have to pull the earpad straight back. Make sure that you fix bad properly or don’t worry about the use of headphones and again. But it is highly advisable to use the quality fabric that will provide a good sound experience.

How To Replace

To replace the ear pads, you should follow the tips of the user manual. You just need to slide the ear pad precisely. If it’s slide properly once then you will be able to replace the earpad. As well as, you have to focus on another part of the headphone earpad. Now you have to remove the ring from the headphone around the cloth. Make sure that you are removing or replacing the part gently. It will help you keep everything in the right place.

On some of the models of headsets, you need to pull the cloth. Make sure that you remove the nearby door you don’t need to be worried to stretch the material. But be sure that you are not tearing the material while stretching.

At last, you can visit the website to get the appropriate information to put headphone earpads back on again. If you are unable to do so then don’t be worried because you can call the professionals. If you have such a low budget and to repair then you can watch the video tutorials will provide the right steps to complete the process. But make sure that you are not keeping a single step will create numerous problems to both the headphone earpads back again.

How To Replace

As it is mentioned, you can follow the tips from the user manual. Moreover, you can watch reviews for at reputed website to get all the tips for the fixing of headphone ear pads. Therefore, you will be able to put the headphone earpads back again with no doubts when you follow all these mention tips. To do so, you need to know the right step on how to replace or remove.

Where To Use UV Sanitizer?

March 14, 2020
Where To Use UV Sanitizer

Is air pollution only affecting the outside environment of the home? Not only it affects the outside environment but it affects the four corners of your home. If you think that a person through the air you and your family are inhaling inside the house is safe. You are wrong because the air is unhealthy that you are breathing. To inhale the fresh air, you need to use the air sanitizer that is an excellent way to purify the air. Air is an appropriate device to control or clean the sources of air particles.

In today’s dilemma, there are several health products that you need to be faced Such as asthma, or many more respiratory problems. The biggest virus that is spreading all over the world at the present moment is the corona virus. For all the physicians or professional scientists it could be a daunting job to make the antidote of this virus.

health products UV sanitizer

What is the right way to disinfect under home or other corners over at your home or building to decrease the chance of harmful breathing? It’s good to be ready by purchase the UV sanitizers that will help to inhale the fresh breath. At that moment, you can rely on their sanitizer and hence the indoor air quality to making the living area safe. Air sanitizer can be used to eliminate the particles of Dirt, allergies or other impurities. It is hard and can be used to make a living Lifestyle healthy.

It is highly mentioned to do a little research online to gain some knowledge about the UV sanitizer for purifiers. You can check some websites to sell UV sanitizer for both the product reviews. These days online shopping is the best option to know more about the sanitizer. It’s an easy, fast or convenient way plus it provides the benefit to get the product at very affordable prices.

Where to use UV sanitizer? As you all know the covid-19 is spreading all over the wild and so there is a big need to use the UV almost at all the places. This could be an effective way to prevent the infection of Corona. Here is the list of a few places that you have to bear in mind or use the UV sanitizer at these places-

  • Swimming pool
  • Living area
  • Marketplaces
  • Cafeterias

use the UV sanitizer

These are a few examples where you can use the UV sanitizer but according to the research, it can be proved that you need to use UV sanitizer almost in all the areas nowadays. UV sanitizer has capabilities to make the air, water or other properties effective safe or natural. According to the environmental specialist, it can be claimed UV sanitizer used as health equipment to detoxify the air or water. To learn more about the powerful UV sanitizer or other incredible products, you can visit the website. Here you can grab the appropriate information to make the lifestyle healthy with UV sanitizer.

Ways to Make The Earbuds Sound Better

March 11, 2020
Ways to Make The Earbuds Sound Better

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are an ideal option to listen to your favorite music or you can continue music wherever you want to go. It is an ideal way to talk to anyone in any situation that would be in-crowd, traffic for numerous other places. The quality of Bluetooth is reduced after the use of 3 to 6 months. Nowadays people prefer to purchase that new technology of earphones because it has improved sound quality. But it doesn’t mean that it is working effectively for the long term. If you want to use the headphones flawlessly then you should clean or use properly.

Looking for the right way to make the headphones sound better? It could be a daunting job to clean the headphones for the very first time. Most people could get in this season to change the headphones once the sound is damaged. Nowadays, you can clean the head headphones that sound better or you will be listening to music, voice effortlessly.

Place in-Ears Fittingly

When it comes to improving the sound of an earphone, it can be tricky. Due to numerous reasons, the sound quality is reduced. Moreover, it can be reduced as per the tendency of using the earphones. To improve the sound of earphones in, you should follow all these mentioned below steps. It will help to use the earphones in the best quality everywhere.

Place in-Ears Fittingly

People do not enjoy the quality of earphones due to earphones are not plugged in the ear effectively. Placement is one of the right ways to get the best sound. So you need to place the earbuds or earphones in the year effectively. The object has a seal that directly transfers the sound waves into the ear. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to ensure the earphones that it is placed correctly in the earlobe or not.

It also depends on the angle that you are plugged inside the ear lobe. You need to test the different ways to find the best way of using the earphone. When you find the earphone is not fitted properly then you find a different model. Make sure the model is placed comfortably in the earlobe.

Clean Frequently

After long use of earbuds, it is coated with wax or natural oil. Over time, it can be affected by the sound quality of earphones. To do so, you can make the regular cleaning with a damper microfiber cloth. As well as, you can use some soap to remove the oil or wax from the earphone. For the dirty earphones, you want to use a toothbrush. For the long term protection, you can use the form covers that will provide better sound quality. Not only the cleaning improves sound quality but it can keep the earbuds hygienic.

Amplify with all Objects

Today, there are numerous tutorials available online that you can check to improve the sound quality of earphones. As well, you can get one of the great hacks to use the paper cups. It can be improved the sound quality of earphones too much.

Use the EQ settings

It depends on the quality of headphones that you can utilize the Equalizer console on the listening device can improve the sound quality through earphones or earbuds.

To know more about the improvements into sound quality of earphone, you can switch on

Use the EQ settings

Here are some of the factors that you can consider when you want to clean the headphones. As you can see, there are numerous brands of different kinds of headphones available in the market at different prices with different features. First of all, you should get detailed-note information to clean the headphones.

What Languages Are Translated In The Muama Enence Translator?

March 9, 2020
What Languages Are Translated In The Muama Enence Translator

In the market committee price of the document, translation depends on the complex level of data awards. There are numerous technical or regular documents available that of business want to translate. All these documents can be translated easily in a few minutes with just the use of the translation device. There are numerous companies that believe in native speakers that are quite risky for the credibility of the reputation. Sometimes, native speakers are not able to break the languages for the mention of the wrong words. As compared to humans, you can rely on technology to provide accurate services.

In addition, the technology in translation is quite good as compared to manual translation. There are numerous native speakers who charge more money for the translation services that are out of pocket. In addition, they are not able to provide 100% accuracy. Now, you can get the accurate translation under the budget of with translation device.

Muama Enence Translator

There are plentiful technical documents need to be sorted out that contain the language of scientific medical or engineering data. The regular translators will not be able to produce the exact translation of data. Sometimes, they are not able to understand the codes that are mentioned in the paper. In order to get the free size in translation services, you can rely on the translation tool. This will provide Quality Services for the translation of documents or you will be able to read the complex symbols or words that are mentioned in the technical document.

There are numerous translation companies that provide precise or affordable translation services. Is it an effective way of translating over documents? No, it’s not because you can say thanks to the technology or you can make a one-time investment till now forth the translation of all the languages. Moreover, you can get better fluency, accuracy rather than human translators. These entire device translators are quite good among the native speakers who don’t know about the code languages. To maintain the reputation of your form, you should purchase the featured rich translator can provide accurate translation of data at affordable prices. Actually, it is a one-time investment with a translation device rather than pay always as per page or complexity of data.

Check Reviews

In order to check the quality of the translator device, you can see the reviews. Now it couldn’t be a challenging job to find the best quality translation device. To do so, you can explore the reviews of translation devices on a different website. This will help to discover the countless benefits for problems are related to the quality of the device.

Facts On The Translator

Now you can learn more here about the translator device. In order to purchase the best quality translation device, you need to look for quality.

  • To use the translation device, you have to connect the smartphone on the same network.
  • The device is not working offline so you have to get the connection of 4G data or Wi-Fi.
  • If the device is not installed to your smartphone appropriately then you can see the instructions on the user manual.
  • Moreover, you have to check all the reviews first before purchasing the device that will be able to connect on your phone or not.

Which Languages can you Translate into the Translator?

Which Languages can you Translate into the Translator

There is a huge list of languages mentioned that you will be able to the translator. According to the resources, you can translate more than 43 languages. Apart from the English, Chinese Japanese, Korean, you can translate the languages that are mentioned in the list.

  • English
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Danish

With no doubts, you will be able to translate all these languages into the translator fluently. Now, you don’t need to be home for any doubts because Technology provides accurate services or data in a given time.

Meaning And Benefits Of Promotional Gifts

March 6, 2020
Meaning And Benefits Of Promotional Gifts

Nowadays, people go with trends and love to do different kinds of trending and fashionable things. They do fashion like create tattoos on their body and do many things to look stylish. On the other hand, people do many things for their loved ones. They give many kinds of interesting things or gifts to their loved ones to make them feel special. Gifts are one of the most beautiful things to make a person happy. In other words, different kinds of surprising gifts can make your loved one happy.

You can gift in the marriage of your relative or friend. Similarly, you can gift at the birthday party of your friend. So, these things give happiness in reality to your special one. There are many kinds of gifts are available like promotional gifts and personalized gifts. You can give personalized gifts like watches to your special one. If we talk that what is a promotional gift then we answer for you. Yes, in today’s article we will tell you the meaning and benefits of a promotional gift.

Benefits Of Promotional Gifts


Gifts are one of the most amazing things to make a person happy and that’s why people give priority to gifts. There are many kinds of gifts are available like marriage gifts, birthday gifts, and promotional gifts. If you want to know what is a promotional gift then read carefully. A promotional gift is used to promote a business or company. In other words, any item or product which you give to promote your company is called promotional gifts.

A promotional gift is a very good source to promote your company and many companies use this idea to promote their business. Promotion gifts can be bags, diary and any baby products. So, if you want to promote your business then you can give promotional gifts to people.


Many companies give promotional gifts to promote their business and without a doubt, these gifts help to promote their business. These gifts can be a bag, keyrings and any other things. If we talk about its benefits or features then there are many benefits that you can get by gifting a promotional gift.

Many companies give promotional gifts

  • If you are thinking to give a promotion gift then it can help you by increasing brand awareness. So, these gifts are very good to increase brand awareness.
  • Information, if we talk about information then these types of gifts are also very good to give information about products.
  • Customers, yes these gifts are very useful and help by increasing the number of customers. In this way, it can take the business to success.
  • Sales and profit, without a doubt these gifts attract the consumer. So, these are also good for sales and profit.

So, these benefits are enough and beneficial. Without a doubt, promotional gifts are very good to promote business and that’s why you can go with promotional gifting ideas. You can use many items like bags, reading glasses and diaries to promote your business.


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