Who Am I

Who Am I

I am a professional photographer, covering the New England area and anywhere else you'd like to fly me!) With a natural, photojournalistic style, I capture everything from the tiny details to the big splashes.

Creating wedding photos that captivate and connect. I focus on the little moments that reflect the true joy of your day, so you can relax and enjoy every moment it brings.

Once you're a "JO bride," you're at the cool kid's table. I've got your back. It's my job to help make your wedding day amazing, because amazing wedding days make for kickass wedding photos. If you need an event timeline, a listening ear, a referral for a caterer or florist, or a wedgie picked, I'm there. (I am not exaggerating. I have stories, boy, do I have stories)

Oh, did you want to know more about me? OK...

Pro stuff: I graduated from photography school in 18 B.C. I know, I look good for my age.) I stopped counting the number of weddings I have photographed at about 1300! I teach wedding workshops to photographers from all over New England, holding seminars at my office/studio in North Attleboro, MA.

Personal stuff: I am married to the best guy in the world, Derek. Now, if only we could get our kids to take some good pictures…Gypsy Moth, Lanie Lulabelle, and Billy Goat tend to be hard to catch. Because they're my beautiful rescue dogs. (You didn't think I'd name a human child "Gypsy Moth," did you?) Oh, and I cry at almost every wedding I photograph. I just love weddings!

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