How to Pack Bedding for Storage

How to Pack Bedding for Storage

Packing your bedding in storage is a worthy investment, especially for the travelers.

It is a piece of good news for you that packing dresses, blankets, sheets, pillows are not a big deal to handle.

Still, you are wondering; then we are gonna give you some tips on how to pack bedding for storage.

What packing materials you’ll need to store

What packing materials you'll need to store

When you think you need to go for a trip and your clothes and other necessary things need to be packed to store for safety, you should have a few basic packing materials to complete the task.
Here we will show you some materials below.

• Cardboard boxes: When you go for packing the bedding, remember one thing that you should pick large boxes when packing lighter and more voluminous items such as blankets, bed-sheets, pillows, etc.

• Packing paper: One stack of soft white packing paper need to be enough to line your boxes as an additional layer of protection.

• Bedding storage bags: Bedding storage bags normally protect your linens and bedding from getting soiled during the move.

Besides, plastic prevents the bedding from moisture. Sturdy but clean garbage bags will perform well.

• Packing tape: A good packing tape is necessary for the packing. It is available in the market.

• A marker: A permanent black color marker is preferable to get your jobs done.

Benefits of packing bedding for storage

Benefits of packing bedding for storage

When summer comes, you definitely want to pack your winter clothes in the storage for the next winter.

Moreover, when you are a travel buff, you always keep your bedding ready in storage for the long journey.

If you don’t pack your bedding, what will happen actually? It will be the gloomy night before your journey begins.

Besides, to keep everything secure and well-positioned, packing those clothes and necessary items is the fundamental need for travelers who are always busy to go on.

So, arranging everything beforehand is a wise decision for everyone indeed.

The way to pack your bedding for storage

As packing the bedding for storage is the necessary thing to do, you cannot ignore the learning system of this process.

To acquire it fully, you shouldn’t move anywhere, and you need to learn every step.


At the first step, you need to select the right size of the box for each type of bedding. If you want your sheets, towels, and heavier blankets to be packed, then medium size boxes are sufficient.

While the large boxes are quite perfect for pillows, comforters and lighter and fluffier blankets.


When you think you will pack the bedding with plastic bags, you need to slip the bedding items into plastic bags and use tiny pieces of tape to hold the wrappings in place then keep them into the boxes.


In this step, you need to place one final sheet of packing paper on the top when you go for packing a box with bedding items, then close the flaps and seal the box with tape.


At the final step, you should use your black marker pen to label the boxes for further detection.
Suppose you have a lot of different types of clothes and other beddings like pillows, blankets, bed-sheets, etc. but you use some boxes.

It won’t be easy to find out the specific clothes. So it is preferable to write the exact bedding name on the box so that you can easily find the boxes in future.

To sum up with:

Bedding is the necessary thing in your life. If you want to secure this part of your life, there is no alternative to packing it in safe storage.

You can easily do this task. If any problem faced, then go through our article on how to pack bedding for storage.