List of Best Restaurants in Dubai

best restaurants in Dubai

If you want to try out the best food in the world, then you can find all of them in Dubai. It has become one of the best places to travel, as the number of restaurants is increasing every day. Every restaurant has a unique style and you can try visiting all of them. From French cuisines to amazing seafood in Japan, you can find everything here. The restaurants are not only popular for their food, but due to their amazing architecture or location. You can find some unique themes or ideas for the design of the restaurant.


It is a restaurant where everyone can enjoy an amazing time. There is a specific area where the kids can play or a bowling Alley for the adults to enjoy some sports time. Some even say that it is the perfect Restaurant and Bar where you can spend quality time. If you are planning an outing with family or friends, then you should definitely try visiting this place. With perfect seating arrangement for a group or just a couple. You can eat some of the best cuisines prepared by a professional chef.


Le Petit Belge

If you wish to try Belgium cuisine, then Le Petit Belge is the perfect place to visit. The most popular Belgian cuisines are available at this amazing restaurant. This restaurant has its own charm along with Belgian hospitality. Some of the most authentic Belgian dishes like Belgian waffles, Coq au vin, and mussels are served at this restaurant. One of the things that you will truly enjoy is the diversity in the taste of all the dishes. This will provide you a better experience regarding the culinary culture of Belgian.



To taste the best European cuisines, you can visit Pierchic, which is located in the Arabian Gulf. The location of this place is enough to provide you a pleasant time. You can taste the best seafood at this place and it is recognized as the Time Out Dubai’s Best Seafood.

Choix Patisserie and Restaurant

One of the most popular chefs in the world, Pierre Gagnaire is known for his creative cuisine owns this restaurant. He also has popular restaurants in Paris, Tokyo, and London. At this place, you can enjoy la carte dining for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. Some of the most popular dishes from this restaurant are its desserts and pastries to make the meals more delicious.


Like a meal, saving the best for last, Zuma is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. The most amazing thing about Zuma is its Izakaya style of dining in which the food is served for sharing. In this restaurant, you can taste Japanese style food with intense flavors and the presentation of the food will be top class.

Zuma is its Izakaya style of dining

These are some of the best restaurants in Dubai where you can try some amazing delicacies. You can also search for restaurants with specific themes if you have something particular in mind. This will help in making your trip to Dubai more amazing and you will taste the cuisine that you remember for life.