Easy Things You Can Do to Lose Weight

Easy Things You Can Do to Lose Weight

Now I recently went to the grocery store to get my regular food for the week. Except this time I had a little different way of doing things. I went and checked the nutrition label of different foods before I bought them. Such as lays potato chips, anything with lots of chocolate, and even some candies.

So first off, I checked out what t types of breads they had. There was 1/2 sized loaf low fat bread, which for each slice it was only a half of a gram of fat. I was like wow, that is low fat bread? I was expecting it to be a little bigger, and a little less expensive. It totaled around $4 for a little half loaf, where 2 pieces of mini bread were .5 grams of fat.

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Then I decided to look at the whole wheat bread, which was a nice big loaf. 1 piece was close to 1 gram of fat. I looked for a second, and then thought to myself. If those 2 mini pieces of bread were equal to one piece of this bread, then really all they are saying that the bread is .5 grams of fat less than any regular serving of bread, for close to triple the cost.

Things like that you need to look out for when you diet. Many people still go out and buy that special diet bread, but it really doesn’t end up doing anything better for you than any other bread out there. After that adventure to the bread section, I went over and checked out some different cake mixes and stuff. I just suggest you stay away from that area.

A brownie mix I was looking at as well had an fairly decent fat content in it, ranging from close to 4g of fat per 2 inch of brownie, check more details here. However, many people take that over board and have about 3 or 4 sometimes, then that goes to about 12 grams of fat for that little snack, that maybe didn’t even fill you up, or just made you hungry for more.

Then frosting was on the list. Which was another bad idea. There is tons of fat content in frosting, and so instead I ended up looking up recipes, and made a frosting that was probably a fifth as fattening as it would have been otherwise.

I like to have sunflower seeds, they are a big treat for me because it’s what I grew up with, and they are a comfort food for me. However, when I went to get my normal pack, I took a quick look at the nutrition label, thinking that no matter what i would still get them. I was wrong.

15 grams of fat, per 1/4 cup of seeds! I normally have 1/2 a cup, even a cup sometimes on a boring day! That was insane, that meant when I was trying to cut back all this time by buying conscious health food, I was ending up putting a massive 60g of fat in my body!

Make sure to look at things that you have constantly, instead of every now and then. As a dieter it is fine to indulge every once in a while, but be conscious about foods you already have, and don’t pay attention to, cause I was sure paying for it with those seeds.