How Do I Become An Unarmed Security Guard?

Unarmed security guards are protectors of property and people who do not use a weapon. The key role of an unarmed security guard is to round out a house, track and report any suspicious activities found. Apart from these basic duties, they may also support people who need assistance and provide proper guidance around the building. In certain situations, unarmed security guards have to collect shipments and sign paperwork on behalf of the employer while they are still in operation.

Unarmed Security Guard Specifications

Unarmed Security Guard Specifications

When recruiting an individual for a security role the most important asset to look for is the ability to communicate effectively and quickly. Another basic prerequisite for the work is a good presentable appearance. Some high school education is also needed, but a high school diploma is not needed. The candidate must also pass a drug test and be fit. It must also be able to carry out criminal background checks.

Unarmed Guard Preparation

Unarmed guard training is somewhat different from army training. Since they are not dealing with firearms, the primary tool of the unarmed security guards is good communication. Therefore, sufficient preparation for effective communication is a must for such guards. On-site instruction is provided by a supervisor to the guard. That will include walking with the guard and working with him for a few hours in the entire facility. The employer can also provide instruction on how to use such electronic equipment. Employers can also have additional training on relevant business ethics and company policy. An unarmed security guard has 45 hours of training to complete for his first 100 days of work. For the first 100 days, he or she should also be able to pass a competence test to be eligible for a work training. For more info on security guard visit

Unarmed Police Officers’ Usual Work Conditions

Typical duties for unarmed security officers can include homes, parks, buildings and malls. You may either perform static or patrol duties or both. Patrol tasks are located in the specific area. Patrols may be performed on foot, riding or from a motor vehicle. Aside from their most popular service, these guards may also serve at support desks to guard institutions and individuals. As they are qualified to communicate efficiently, they will provide consumers and people with knowledge about the business for which these guards are employed.

Unarmed Officer Recruitment Advantages

Unarmed security officers give the employer less salary than armed security guards. These guards are ideal for companies in relatively quiet surroundings. Armed protection may bring some burden on the citizens of these areas, so the placed of unarmed officers is often a safer option. For these security officers, the protection of arms in the workplace is little to no concern, as no firearms are involved. Unarmed security guards often allow customers and the people of the area to have a more comfortable atmosphere.