How do You Clean a Fitness Tracker Band?

How do You Clean a Fitness Tracker Band

The fitness tracker should have probably needs a good cleaning. Here we see how to keep your fitness tracker band clean and hygienic, including instructions on how to clean elastomeric, leather, metal, and nylon bands. And why you should do so regularly. Fitness tracker picks up sweat dirt with everyday use, not to mention or produce bacteria that can produce unpleasant odors and irritations.

Clean a Fitness Tracker Band

Plastic and leather wristbands were the worst offenders, with higher bacteria levels than other materials. It will absorb bacteria or other viruses easily. Because the fitness tracker bands pick up more grime than other types of watches, it is important to keep them clean. Wipe them off after working out with the sanitizer cloth, and give them a deeper clean at least once or twice a month. Clean the fitness tracker band every week is quite better than the month. Not only will they look better, they will stay in better shape so you can enjoy wearing them as long as possible when you clean your fitness tracker band every week.

Elastomeric and silicone are durable, latex-free materials suitable for every day wear as well as high- intensity workouts. Because they are prone to collecting sweat and bacteria which can cause odors and irritation, it is a good idea to clean them off after every workout. Some of the fitness trackers are water-resistant and waterproof. Unless your model is fully waterproof, try not to expose the watch face to running water. If it comes in contact with water, dry it off immediately.

Steps to Clean Your Fitness Tracker Band

To clean an elastomeric or silicone band after wearing, rinse the band under running water or wipe it with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. To remove stains and oil buildup or to do a deeper cleaning, scrub the band with a soft toothbrush dipped in water. You can add in a gentle, soap-free product such as Cataphyll cleanser to clean your band. Do not use hand soap, body wash, dish soap, hand wipes, laundry detergent, or any other type of household cleaner on your elastomeric fitness tracker band. These products can get trapped in the band and irritate your skin. So avoid using the hand soap to clean the fitness tracker. Dry the band with a clean cloth soft white cloths are better to clean before wearing the band again.

Steps to Clean Your Fitness Tracker Band

Leather bands are a naturally porous material prone to discoloration. To avoid stains, do not wear them during high-intensity workouts and do not let your leather band come in contact with excess water, skin cream, insect repellent, or perfume. To clean a leather band, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth after wearing clothes. If needed, you can add a little water to dampen the cloth. Do not soak a leather band in water. This can cause staining and discoloration. For deeper cleaning, dampen a soft cloth and add a small amount of gentle soap. The cloth should be damp, but not wet. So gently rub the band with the cloth using a circular motion. Do not use hand soap, body wash, hair or body gel, laundry detergent, hand wipes, face wipes, or another type of household cleaner on your leather band. These products can cause discoloration to leather as well as skin irritation, when you are again wearing it. Let your band dry with the soft cotton cloth before wearing it again. Do not place the band in direct sunlight when drying, it may cause discoloring. Here is the great site to know more info click here