How To Dry A Memory Foam Mattress?

How To Dry A Memory Foam Mattress

Almost each of us knows the value of quality sleep in our day to day lives which directly goes on to dictate our entire functioning of a brain alongside the body in our daily routine. Be it physical health, mental health, and a general state of our body, it all depends on what kind of sleep the individual gets at night. If the quality of the sleep is good your body will accompany you reasonably well. Be it the weight loss, or your recovery after your workouts, the management of pain, or even the life expectancy, if that is going to be longer or not, it all resonates with your quality of the sleep.

But how many of us even realize that what is it that goes on to affect our sleep? The mattress, yea you heard that right. It is the mattress that has got a lot to do with the kind of sleep we derive, every night. You wonder why? Well for this you need to read more here. Let’s now look at the kinds of mattresses we’ve to choose from-

kinds Of Mattresses

kinds Of Mattresses

• The Hybrid Mattress- This features the multitudinous mattress technology. The hybrid blend coil with memory foam.
• The Coil Mattress- They are designed with the coils inside. The coils are normally made from metals.
• The Memory Foam Mattress- These are exceedingly soft and an energy absorbent. They provide you a great sleep.
• The Latex Mattress- The latex Mattress has now been found for over decades in the market.

They are found in 3 different kinds-

  1. Blended Latex
  2. Natural latex
  3. 100% Synthetic Latex

Now out of all the mattresses that stood out is a memory foam mattress and when you opt for that you also need to know how to dry the memory foam mattress pads. So, here is presenting you all with the guide that would help you dry a memory foam mattress.

Drying The Foam Mattress Pad

To begin with, here are a procedure you should follow-

• Detach The Mattress Pad
Detach the foam. Place it somewhere on the clean & clear portion on the floor. Moving forward spread the garbage bags or plastic tarp under a mattress pad if you are afraid then the spill may well be leaked onto the floor.

Blot A Foam
Blot a foam with the towel by simply pushing down quite gently to wipe the moisture. Focus on an area that has soaked up most of the liquid. Redo this step there on the opposite side. Use a different towel to dry if necessary.

• Stand The Foam
Stand a foam pad right against a wall at the angle of a 45-degree. Place the object behind a pad for the support if required. This would help the foam pad to hold the shape until it dries.

• Dry It With The Fan
Set up the box fan fronting the foam mattress’ pad. You need to place a fan some 2 to 3 feet away from a pad. When you notice a wet spot on the upper side of s mattress then turn it upside down so that spot is closer to the floor.

• Allow It To Dry
Allow a fan to dry a foam pad for nearly about 6 hours. Check for the area. However, if you found it still damp, add four hours.

Final Words

So that’s all on how you can dry the foam mattress pad. Hopefully, this will help you get through your wet foam mattress pad.