How To Fix A Mountain Bike Chain?


Nowadays, everyone looks keen to improve their wellbeing and health by engaging themselves in some activities. Some activities can be great for your fitness while some add a glimpse of satisfaction and fun. Off-road cycling is one of the top activities you can remind to improve your health and mood. The mountain bikes are extremely useful when you have to undergo off-road riding experiences. These bikes have similar features like normal bicycles but they have some extreme features to handle rough terrains.

If you love exploring mountain trails, a mountain bike will be the most important thing for you. When you look at wheels of a mountain bike, you will find out the real difference between them and the regular bikes. Mountain biking is an overwhelming activity that can help to improve the heart health, brain power, and coordination.

Even if you enjoy Mountain biking a lot, you can be in trouble when it comes to fixing its chain. Indeed, it is challenging to repair trek 3700 mountain bike chain, especially if you are beginners. When you pedal the bike with full force, it is common to see the chains of your mountain bikes getting broken.  In the following paragraphs, you can determine some wonderful methods to fix a mountain bike chain:

How To Repair A Broken Mountain Bike Chain

How To Repair A Broken Mountain Bike Chain?

Compared to replacing a mountain bike chain, it is always difficult to repair a broken mountain bike chain. You might need to put a little more efforts from your side for fixing a broken mountain bike chain. If you have never undergone such word before, you can follow the below-listed steps right now:

Inspect The Broken Ends Of Chain

First of all, you need to inspect the broken ends of your bike chain carefully. If you see that one end of the chain is completely damaged and broken, you have to remove it.

Remove The Broken End Of Your Chain

As you might see that one end of your chain is completely damaged, you have to remove it. It is suggested to remove at least two segments of the Mountain Bike chain. You must remove two segments instead of one segment just to ensure perfect reattachment.

Ask Your Loved Ones To Help

If you have your loved ones to help you in this process, you can easily accomplish it with less effort. Your loved ones just need to hold the two broken ends of your change when you are trying to re attach them.

Reattach The Broken Ends

Once your loved ones hold the two broken ends, you can reattach the broken and by using any available tools you have. Hopefully, you have successfully understood these easy steps that you should follow while repairing a broken mountain bike chain.

How to Replace The Mountain Bike Chain?

How to Replace The Mountain Bike Chain

After knowing how you should repair a broken mountain bike chain, you would be curious to know how to replace the entire chain. If you have a trek 3700 mountain bike then you do not have to get any professional assistance. Here some of the easiest steps you can take in order to replace the mountain bike chain:

Take away the old chain – obviously, you have to take away the old chain by using a chain splitter you already have. When you will remove the old chain, you will push out the pins. If the pins are removed, you can take away the old chain.

Fit in the new chain –after removing the chain, you can fit in the new chain. It is also important to resize the chain to avoid for the problems while riding the bike. Join both ends with a joining pin and complete this particular work.