How to Lose Weight and Maintain Ideal Body Weight

How to Lose Weight and Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Losing weight is not for the weak of will; doing it is not easy. For many, however, what is even more challenging is maintaining one’s weight after slimming down. Yoyo weights are common because many do not see dieting as a lifetime commitment. How does one avoid this?

Embrace your diet as a lifetime commitment. Your objective is not only to lose weight but to maintain ideal weight. Binge eating is not the right way to do it then. Binge eating does not allow your body to sustain itself. Right diet is a matter of food choice, and the food you choose should allow you to live longer and healthily.

How to Lose Weight

Learn self-control. Dieting requires a certain will, a certain strength of character. It requires sticking to your goal no matter what. It’s about self-control. If you’re still hungry after half-cup of brown rice, walk it off or drink more water. Craving for French fries? Call a friend and talk about things until you forget about the fries. When you train your body to not crave things, after some time you will find yourself no longer craving them. It’s a matter of conditioning your body.

Set a weekly goal. Don’t rush it by binge eating. You end up gaining more weight than losing some if you do. The more sensible way to do it is to set some goal each week. Say, 1 pound each week. This way, you slowly accustom your body to changes. Track how much you eat, what you eat, how long you exercise, and what type of exercise you’ve taken in a food journal. To lose a pound each week, you should reduce about 500 calories from your daily calorie intake. Couple your diet with exercise and you’re on a long way to go, more helpful hints.

Be aware of what triggers you to overeat. Many people tend to resort to eating food when they are depressed or when they are angry. This is emotional eating, and is one of the most common obstacles to losing weight. By knowing what triggers you to eat, you will be able to respond to them. Divert your attention to something else when you feel the craving. Take a walk. Talk to a friend.

Develop a love for movement. Whether it be a 30-minute gym exercise, a morning walk around your block, or taking dance classes, you should keep moving to burn calories and develop muscles. If you more muscles, you tend to have faster metabolic rate than those who don’t

.Choose healthy foods. Foods rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables do not only make you feel full without stacking your body with calories, they also make you stay healthy. Because they contain less calories and less fats, you can eat as much as you want and not feel guilty. Also, say no to foods that contains too much sugar and fats. This includes your dressing for your salad.