How To Measure the Insole?

How To Measure the Insole

It doesn’t matter how sure you are about shoe sizes. It is always important to check out what your insole size is especially when you buy shoes or sandals from an unknown brand. For the accurate size, you need to do so. The measurements are a key factor when it comes to shopping for Orthopaedic insoles.

There is a need to check out what is the numerical shoe size whether it is US, UK, or French size is based on the length of the foot. Now one can measure the shoe size as per the tip of the toe. The online reputed retailers provided depth measurement or measurement tools for consumers to shop online or provide a safe way to ensure the size of shoes. It would be beneficial to know about the actual size that you think to purchase. Moreover, you can consider the accurate measurement of the foot.

Measure the Insole

There are several reasons why you may consider the purchase or using an insole. One can use the install to get rid of medically diagnosed issues. As you can see, hikers and sportsmen are used performance-based insoles.

There is a key factor to consider when it comes to measuring the accurate size of the insole that is the hill to ball ratio. Make sure the feet could be of the same length or it needs a completely different five that is based on the distance between the balls. The ratio is of particular significance when it comes to search for sports insoles.

How You Can Measure the Insole?

  • First of all, get a favorite pair of shoes that have the best fitting.
  • Now you have to get a flexible tape measure as well as the Ribbon that you can mark on.
  • Push the tape and drive it from one end to another order this will help get the right size for your shoe.
  • Use the flat tape or you can walk it to the inside of the heel. One can use the Ribbon to the bottom of the shoe.
  • The measurement is quite true for the insole length.
  • Moreover, it is measured in centimeters of the size and up between half sizes. Make sure it will be rounded up accurately.

Measure Heel to Ball Ratio

Measure Heel to Ball Ratio
  • First of all, you need to stand on a flat surface on a clean piece of paper with a heel touching and overlapping the edge. Now you can mark the hill out by holding the foot or extend the line.
  • Get the person’s help to mark the accurate support where the ball of foot touches the paper.
  • Use a measuring tape or you will measure the length from the pole position into where it is extended.
  • The measurement is your heel to the bold ratio on it is repeated on another foot.

For Additional Advice

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