How to Pay for Paid Apps on Android Market?

How to Pay for Paid Apps on Android Market

We download many apps on our android phones, most of the apps we download are free, but some apps need to pay for downloading and installing.

People also share some methods to download these paid apps free, but these methods are not authentic, and free downloaded apps of paid versions are not trusted.

If you want useful and trusted apps, it is the best way to get this app by paying for these apps to download and activate apps on your phone.

You may face difficulty, how to pay; no need to worry; we share the method regarding payments of paid apps on the android market.

How do I pay for paid apps on android market?

How do I pay for paid apps on android market

When you want to download any app on the android phone, most of the apps you will download from the Google play store.

If you want a paid app on your android phone, follow the below process, produce, and get the paid android app on your phone or you may visit at

How to add payment Method?

If you need to pay for a paid app, you will need to add a payment method to pay for that app.

  • Open Google play store on your android phone and click on the payment method menu.
  • While you tap on the payment method, you will see a menu “add the payment method” now tap on that menu, you will find a form that requires details of payment method such as transfer through card and details of your debit or credit card.
  • Once you have added the payment method, while you purchase any app, payment will automatically deduct from your add account or card details by clicking done.

How can I add a backup payment Method for the subscriptions?

You can also add the backup method for the payments to enjoy smooth services without interruption if your primary payment method is not working.

Your backup payment account will only be a charge when your primary method has some problems. Follow the below steps to add a backup payment method.

  • Open Google play store app on your android device, now click on subscription, next to that, tap the  “manage.”
  • Now click on “Backup Payment Method” you will see a form for the detail of the backup payment method adds details by following instructions.

How can I edit a Payment Method?

How can I edit a Payment Method

If you do not want to continue with the old primary payment method, you also can edit the payment details.

  • Open Google play store app on your android device.
  • Click on the payment method, then click on “more payment settings” you will see the “edit” menu; click on that menu.
  • Update your payment and click on the below option “update” your payment method will update.

Can I remove a Payment Method?

Yes, you can remove the payment method by following the below steps.

  • Open Google play store app and click on the payment method, here you will see more payment settings.
  • Click on the remove payment method and then click on remove; your payment method will remove.

Final Thoughts: To get the paid apps, you can visit the Google play store app on your phone and pay by adding a payment method, adding a backup payment method, editing, and removing the payment method.