How to Remove a Drain Stopper from a Sink?

How to Remove a Drain Stopper from a Sink

You may are one of them who is familiar with the sink clogging up the issue. Sink water starts to drain slowly, and with time it becomes unable to control.

When your sink does not work correctly, you may need to remove the stopper of your sink. People think that it is a ridiculous job and need many skills which only a plumber has. But you will wonder to know that it is as simple as your routine work.

We researched and collected information which works to assist you for removing your sink drain stopper with ease, check here.

Do you need to be here for knowing these simple steps which you need in our content about how to remove a drain stopper from a sink?

Steps for removing drain stopper from a Sink:

Steps for removing drain stopper from a Sink

Let’s take a look at some ways how to remove sink stopper.

• There are some necessary tools which help you to remove the stopper from your sink wrench, brush, and a flashlight. Vinegar, hair clog removal tool, drains cleaner tool, bucket and gloves.
• First of all, try to remove the drain stopper of your sink with hand because most of the stoppers can remove by hands without any other tool support.
• On trying with hand and with tools you still cannot open the stopper then you need to check underneath of sink to remove it. So for that, you need to remove all the parts which are place under the sink.
• Now you need to check the sink from under, so you need a flashlight to see things. You need to bend yourself, and with a flashlight, help find out the horizontal rod. You will easily find this rod because it connects with the vertical straps.
• You will find a small metal clip fixes rod and metal strap together; you should remove this clip to detach rod and strap.
• Now check the rod another part which we detach from strap has a pivot nut, unscrew this nut. It would help if you kept bucket because water will fall when you unscrew it.
• On removing pivot nut, you see that stopper of your sink is now free, and you can easily even with hands pull it out from the sink.
• It is common to see that while we replace the stopper there, we find hairs and other wastes, Now with some tools remove hair from the sink and make it clean.
• It is also a better idea when you need to replace the stopper off your sink clean all the items like, drainpipe and make sure there is nothing which may create problem in future.
• Now take new stopper and place everything with great care and with the same sequence which we use to remove the stopper. Your job has completed.



Almost everybody knows about the sink, and its problem, the most common problem is the “drain stopper working”.

We have guided you with detailed steps which will help you while you in need to remove the stopper of your sink.

We hope our content about how to remove a drain stopper from a sink has taught you well about the process of removing drain stopper of your sink.