How To Remove Scratches From Reading Glasses Lenses

How To Remove Scratches From Reading Glasses Lenses

Removing scratches from glasses is vital as they could give someone a headache. Any consumer of eyeglasses must have scratched their glasses in their lifetime on many occasions. Either you might have inadvertently lost your glasses several times while bent, watching your favourite sport, or unsuccessfully holding in your handbag or pocket. The explanation may be that scratched glasses are like nightmares for eyewear users, especially for people who use high-powered prescription glasses.

Ways To Prevent Glass Scratches

Prevent Glass Scratches

Ok, do not be sad, because hope still remains. Here are few useful hints on how to clear the marks from your glasses quickly.

You may not need pricey toothpaste. You only need a non-abrasive and non-gel-based toothpaste. Place a dollop of toothpaste onto the scratched region and softly massage it with a cotton ball or rag, with gentle circular movements. Keep scratching for a few seconds in small circular movements to see the scratches disappear. Now rinse your eyewear in clear cold water and dry it with a clean towel. If the scratch continues, the process can be replicated. This is the most popular, cheap and time-consuming method for removing unnecessary glass scratches.

Baking soda is a reasonable option in our kitchens to get rid of glass scratches. Take a spoonful of baked sauce and mix it to make a smooth paste with half a spoon of water. Apply this paste with scratches onto the glass surface and massage the region in smooth circular motion for 10-20 seconds with the aid of a cotton ball or soft cotton fabric. Rinse the glasses and then wash them with a warm cloth under cold spray. Repeat if there is already a scrape. Baking soda is an simple and economical way to save time and prevent rough scratches.

Vehicle cleaning wax is made for polishing cars and is an ideal choice for rubbing on the glass and plastic lens. The cotton wool or smooth cotton fabric should be added to the scratched region of the bottle. Rub the spot gently until the itch is gone. Clean a gentle cloth of the lenses. The cleaning wax in the car fills the scratches and quickly extracts the scratches.

Another additive that can be used on plastic frames is bronze, silver or bronze paint for the removal of scratches. A little polish should be added with cotton wool or soft cotton cloth to the scratched portion. Clean it for a few minutes in which excess polish with a clean soft cloth can be stripped from the lenses. This solution should not be tried on lenses because it affects the coatings. A costly and time-consuming process, why not more people attempt this. See to know more about reading glasses.

Glass Scratches

Using glass etching cream is a better method of repairing glass scratches. Any popular glass etching cream with hydrofluoric acid will work on plastic lenses. Apply a thick glass etching cream on top of the lenses and let the cream sit, say, for roughly 5 minutes without rubbing the lenses. Rinse and wash the lenses off with a clean cotton rag. The glass grafting cream is peeling off along with the bruises. The glass grafting cream is toxic to glass lenses and in such situations should be avoided. However quick the operation, this procedure can be expensive and dangerous, because if the cream is left for longer than 5 minutes, the risks of destroying the lenses are great.