How To Replace Dirt Bike Old Graphics

How To Replace Dirt Bike Old Graphics

Custom dirt bike graphics make your bike a purposeful beast from a simple off-road vehicle. Both you and your bike have a unique identity and stamp you as a serious person. But dirt bike graphics are not permanent. You can reach the point where replacement of your old graphics is necessary if you own your bike for more than a few years. It is not as simple as it might seem to remove dirt bike graphics.

After being exposed to the sun for a long time, dirt bike graphics will be pretty good on plastics and you cannot just peel them cleanly from the edge. So what are you doing? Below, we will learn how to remove graphics for dirt bike.

remove dirt bike graphics

When you remove dirt bike graphics, there is not a bit of science involved if you do it right and do not misstep your bike. And although you will probably find several websites and/or videos on the internet describing different ways to remove old graphics from your bike, the way we will propose will not fail if you are guided by a single principle: patience.

We should say a few words on the wrong way to remove graphics from your dirt bike before we get to the right way. That’d try to scrape the buggers off when they are cold and hurried. This way only 2 things are ensured: a lot of sticky crap left behind and ruined paint work. So, do not do that. Do not do that. All right? Okay. Alright.

The secret to removing your dirt bike’s old decals is warmth. The problem with old decals is they are cold, dry and broken. So when they are like this, try to peel them off is bound to fail. What you have to do is to make them smooth first and then you will see that they come up to dinner like dogs. Here are the five steps to make this happen.

Go to or anywhere in the bathroom or bedroom and get your hairdryer. If you do not have ask one of your sisters, mothers or neighbors.

Keep the hair drier approximately one inch above the decal, turn it high and move it for approximately 30 seconds. Do not get it too hot as you can soften the paint below.

Use a credit card or something similar as the sticker is warm and nice, and push it gently at the end of the sticker till it comes up. If it is not easy to apply the heat and repeat with credit card for another 30 seconds.

Slowly peel up the sticker. Turn the dryer on and hold it over the graphics while you wrap it back if it begins to be resistant.

Slowly peel up the sticker

Once the sticker is totally removed, a contour and/or residual glue will likely be placed on the surface. Sprinkle a small piece of wd40 on the residue and sprinkle it with a clean cloth.