How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to Android?

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to Android

Have you bought a new android phone? Now you want to use your Whatsapp on a new android phone. But there is a problem that your important data with WhatsApp is on your old phone.

How you can transfer that data to your new android device without losing any file? We will teach you here about how to transfer Whatsapp chat from android to android. Visit here:

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat?

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat

Three ways can help you to transfer your chat from one android to another android.

  1. Through Files Transfer software
  2. Through Local backup
  3. Through Google drive.
    Transfer through Files Transfer Software:

Many popular file transfer software is available in the market, such as tenorshare, dr fone, and mobile transfer software.

You can download any of the files transfer software for free and transfer files as per the below method.

• Open the software and select Whatsapp transfer from the software dashboard.
• After that, select WhatsApp and connect both of your mobiles on your computer.
• Now tap the transfer message button, and message transfer from android to android will start.
• When the transfer completes, open your WhatsApp on the new mobile and check your transferred messages there.

Transfer through Local backup:

Transfer through Local backup

It is a common and most using method; you just need to follow these simple steps.

• First of all, create a backup of your WhatsApp on your old android phone.
• For creating a backup of your WhatsApp, you need to open WhatsApp and go to its setting. You will find the backup chats option tap here.
• Now remove your SD card from the old mobile and enter it on your new mobile phone.
• Next to that, install Whatsapp on your new mobile phone.
• Now register with WhatsApp; it will require number verification by sending code on your mobile number. Enter that code and verify your number.
• In the next step, an option will show on the screen that restores back up. Tap that option, and your backup will start.
• Now check all of your chats will be available with your new android phone.

Transfer through Google Drive:

The third one is a convenient method that is transferred through Google drive. It is a simple method.
• You need to create your Google Drive account and save all your WhatsApp chat in your old phone in Google drive.
• After that, you need to go to your new mobile and logged in there with the same Google Drive account. Open it and copy all the links of your chats and paste them into your WhatsApp backup menu.
• All your records in the previous mobile will transfer to the new mobile.

Final Thoughts:

Everybody wants to keep their important data, but it becomes a problem when you shift your WhatsApp account from one android mobile to another android mobile.
We have provided you three easy methods by which you can transfer your complete data from one android to another android. We hope you have found our article about how to transfer Whatsapp chat from android to android helpful.