Learn How to Achieve Self Improvement with Action

Learn How to Achieve Self Improvement with Action

Are you at the top of your game? Are you doing the job you always dreamed of? Do you earn a salary to commensurate with your talents and expertise? Most people say no to these questions. But the ones to say yes are those who are self motivated and share a common quality – they turn dreams and goals into action.

Your process of self development and self improvement requires that you be motivated to take action. There is no way to achieve the results you want without creating a habit of putting ideas into action. Sometimes it takes a simple act of accomplishing few small steps to build self confidence and start creating a habit of motivation, know more.

Why We Fail To Act

Why We Fail To Act

Sometimes we fail to act due to circumstances real or imagined. Below are some common reasons our self development is hindered due to lack of motivation:

Fear – Fear is probably the number one reason for inaction. We may be afraid of failing, or even afraid of succeeding. But you can build confidence by tackling fear right away. The longer you wait to attempt an action you’re afraid of, the less likely you will do the action.

Conditions aren’t perfect – Many times we “wait” until conditions are perfect to work on an action plan. You may wait to get that advanced degree until you have more money. Or you wait to invest money until market conditions are better. The fact is that conditions will rarely, if ever, be perfect to jump in and take action. The best time to start your self improvement plan is now and deal with issues as they arise.

What You Can Do

Think then Do – Many of us are good at the practice of dreaming and thinking of ways of self improvement. We “think” an exercise program will improve our health. We “dream” of a better job that is more suited to our interests. But how often do we apply action after we think? Ideas are important for self improvement, but they are only good when put into action. When you think of a good idea for self improvement also think of an easy first step then do it. When you take that first action your self confidence will improve and you may come up with additional ideas along the way.

Focus on the present – You can get better results when you focus on present action rather than what you should have done in the past or actions required in the future. Concentrate on what you need to do now.

Trigger imagination – Your self improvement goal requires you to make an action plan with steps you can easily accomplish. To create your list use brainstorming, doodling, or simple freewriting to get your brain in gear and come up with the action steps you need to get done.

Self improvement requires that you become self motivated. No one is going to tell you what to do or how to do it. When you take the initiative and implement your actions you begin building your self confidence to continue your action plan. Seize the moment and start right away.