Lose Weight at the Office

Lose Weight at the Office

Many people say that they cannot lose weight because they are stuck in the office all day. Some people complain that they just do not have time to work out because they have full time jobs that require them to sit most of the day. Others complain that they just pack on the pounds because of their full time job. Their job is making them feel like they are getting fat, and they are frustrated. There are many ways to lose weight at the office. Here are some of them:


If you drive your car to work, you can get some extra exercise in. Instead of parking as close to your office building as possible, try parking farther away. Parking as far away as possible will make you walk extra steps which are important if you find that you have a job that makes you stationary most of the day. Of course, if you stay at the office really late you may not want to do this. Safety comes first.

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Most people take elevators in an office building if there is one provided to you. I say skip the elevators, and take the stairs. Walking up and down stairs is a great way to get your heart rate up. It will help you burn extra calories. If you work at a huge office building with something like 25 floors then take the elevator up to the 22nd floor, and then walk the next three flights up. As your get used to walking up the stairs, add more flights of stairs to your walk to your office.

Vending Machines

Food is a big deal in losing weight at the office. I know of too many people that run down to the vending machines for their mid afternoon pick me up. Do not do that. Instead pack a healthy snack or meal from home. Most vending machine snacks are high in sugar which will give you low blood sugar eventually. It will make you feel really tired at work, and make you gain extra non-healthy calories.


It is very smart to pack your own meals from home every day so that you know that you are eating the right things. Too many people take their lunch break at a fast food place or a restaurant. This can pack on the calories and fat. If you do eat at a restaurant or fast food place, always try to pick the healthiest things. Many nice restaurants have a section on their menu for low-fat and low-calorie meals. Also, do not go out on Friday night with the gang from work to go to the bar and drink lots of alcohol. That can pack on the calories too.

Other Ideas

Other Ideas

If you have a private office to yourself, try taking mini-breaks to do some stretching. Also sometimes your employment might offer discounts on gyms or even have a private gym at the office. You can also check to see if your employment has something like a Weight Watchers Program that is offered at lunch time. Lastly, you can always use your lunch hour to go for a nice brisk walk or jog. Before you know it, you will see the pounds just drop off your body.