Make a Simple Friendship Bracelet: Knot a Wrist Band from Embroidery Floss

Make a Simple Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet is appropriate for boys and girls. Use favorite colors and keep or share.

Children can show support for their school or a favorite sports team by selecting appropriate colors of embroidery floss or craft thread.

These make up quickly, so knot a bunch of bracelets to give as gifts or party favors. This also works as a rainy day activity at home or camp. A skein of embroidery floss costs less than a dollar, so this project is inexpensive as well.

Materials for a Macrame Bracelet

Materials for a Macrame Bracelet
  • Two or three skeins of embroidery floss in the desired colors
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

Make a Double Chain Bracelet

Make a Double Chain Bracelet
  1. Select two or three colors for your bracelet.
  2. If you want a two-color bracelet, cut three 30” strands of both color. If you want a three-color bracelet, cut one 30” strand of each of three colors.
  3. Line up the strands. Don’t worry if they aren’t the exact same length.
  4. Hold the strands together and fold them in half.
  5. Create a small loop as you tie a knot within an inch of the folded end of the floss.
  6. Tape the knot and loop to a table or heavy book. Make sure the tape won’t ruin the surface of the furniture.
  7. Separate the strands of floss into two bundles. You will have one bundle of color A and one bundle of color B (depending on the colors you are using, you will decide which bundle is A and which one is B). If you are using three colors, divide the bundles so they each have one of each color.
  8. Grab the bundle of color A and fold it over the other bundle so the two colors together resembles the number “4”. (see photo)
  9. Take the tail of the bundle of color A, and wrap it under color B and then through the loop.
  10. Slide the knot up toward the knot taped to the table.
  11. Grab the bundle of color B and fold it over the bundle of color A so it resembles the number “4”.
  12. Take the tail of the bundle of color B, and wrap it under color A and continue through the loop.
  13. Repeat knotting the strings, alternating between color A and color B.
  14. Stop when you get to a length that wraps around your wrist, including a bit extra so when it’s knotted you can slide it over your hand to remove the bracelet.
  15. Remove the tape holding the bracelet to the table. Knot the ends together and trim extra string.

Once children get a hang of the knotting pattern, these bracelets can be finished quickly. Children can make numerous wristbands to wear or give to schoolmates, fellow campers, or friends attending their birthday party.