Product Review: Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream boasts fast acting relief for: dryness, itching, cracks, and odor. It’s 60% Aloe, combined with other moisturizing ingredients, also contains a mild analgesic to relieve foot pain. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream guarantees to repair dry, cracked feet and heels; help stop unpleasant odors and itching; and rejuvenate tired, achy feet.

The cream guarantees results after one use, or promises your money back. That is a hefty promise for sun baked feet, that haven’t been cushioned by anything but flip-flops and sandals all summer. One night of achy feet and legs convinced me to give it a try.

“Ultra Aloe, 60% of the purest and most potent form of whole leaf Aloe Vera gel” lived up to its guarantee. The cream penetrated my dry, cracked heels, and relieved my tired achy feet and legs. The analgesic is only 0.1% menthol. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream does not smell like menthol. It has a soft, clean aloe scent. Browse here to learn latest information on miracle foot repair cream.

Foot Repair Cream

A few days later, my husband had itchy feet. Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream does not treat athlete’s foot, but it does guarantee to stop itching. Taking the chance that sweaty, tired feet were the problem, and not athlete’s foot, my husband used Miracle Foot Repair Cream following his shower. To his amazement, it stopped the temporary itch.

According to the packaging, the Ultra Aloe ™ and special moisturizers penetrate layers of skin, speeding up cell renewal. This process repairs dry, cracked, itchy feet and heels.

I have found Miracle Foot Repair Cream a very effective product. I use it every day, now, to keep my feet and heels soft and supple. It’s working, even though I am still running around practically barefoot in the summer heat. The package says nothing about moisturizing the rest of your body, but I use it on my calves when they are especially tired and achy. It works well as a moisturizer on my legs, as well.

Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream, with the “Miracle of Aloe” is distributed by Ontel Products Corporation. It comes in an 8 oz tube. Because of the products quality, it only takes a dime sized drop for each foot. The one tube of Miracle Foot Repair ®Cream I purchased has lasted all summer and there seems to be enough left to last me another month.

If you don’t want to smell of menthol, but you need achy, tired foot relief I recommend Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream. If dry, cracked heels are a problem, Miracle Foot Repair ® Cream will help moisturize and pamper your feet. If you get an irritating itch when you wear dress shoes or athletic shoes, keep Miracle Foot Repair ® handy. It really works.