How to Fix Scratched Sunglasses?

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Sunglasses are one of the important accessories which are important to wear while going out during the day time. It is a special visual aid that lenses which feature to protect from direct sun light from entering into the eyes. Most of the people uncomfortable to face sun light or sun directly during the day time, so they need to wear sunglasses as a protective cover. And nowadays many doctors and eye specialists are highly suggested to wear some type of protective cover for your eyes which protects from the ultraviolet rays that could have the chance to get cataract or any other serious eye problem.

Different shades of sunglasses

Different shades of sunglasses

There are different types of shades are available in sunglasses in the market. Generally, the Color shade glasses have become more popular among all age group people and it suits for all seasons also, either in summer or during the strong wind or stormy season as well, it can wear. Without any doubt, sunglasses is one of the fashion accessories among all top models, celebrities, young age boys and girls, working employees and non-working people too.

Film capture lighting is normally stronger than natural sunlight and hence most of the cine stars are protecting their eyes with the help of this sunglasses which is in high quality, and they used to wear different Color shades and styles of glasses which makes them look very cool and beautiful as well. The designer sunglasses are usually worn by various cine actress and popular models during their photo shoot or film shoot or any ad shoot, which is very comfortable to wear also. Sunglasses would be the perfect fashionable accessory which gives a good touch of style for your outfit. The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect eyes from direct sun light and other harmful UV rays.

How to remove scratches from sunglasses?

How to remove scratches from sunglasses

If you are a regular user of a sunglasses, then you should know how it should be maintained neatly without any scratches in it. If there is any kind of scratch, then it won’t be much effective in protecting your eyes from sun light. And there are home remedies and many possible ways are available which can be used in such situations. By applying a small amount of toothpaste which has baking soda in it to a small cotton ball and can rub it in to the area where the scratch. Just for a few seconds rotate the cotton ball in a circular motion and clean the toothpaste with a tap or cool water. Usually, use a linen-free cloth or a soft cloth to remove any kind of dirt or moisture in your sun glass.

Besides that, there are some other different ways are available to get rid of the scratches in the sunglasses. Next to the tooth paste method, the next way is by using baking soda or by using any oily substance. The Baking soda method is also very easy, because of its alkaline property it breaks any kind of acidic residue and helps out to give clarity to the lens of the glass. Hence, by mixing the baking soda with water it form like a thick paste like structure and while cleaning the glass you can use it by applying it in a soft cotton cloth and clean the glass and the scratches will be cleared. While manufacturing, the sunglasses manufacturer would have made the glasses which can be easily cleaned while any type of scratches occur in that sunglass because of any kind of unexpected incident makes it the glass scratch.