“Toxin” – Book Review of “Absolution” Author’s Sophomore Novel

Toxin - Book Review of Absolution Author's Sophomore Novel

“Absolution” author Paul Martin Midden adds a second book to his writing resume with the release of “Toxin”. By combining timely political and security related issues with an unlikely enemy, Midden produces an entertaining – however implausible – plot. Descriptive and surprising as it quickly develops, “Toxin” leaves the reader guessing until the very last page.

Set in the heart of Washington D.C.’s nonstop political circus, protagonist Jake Telemark serves his country as a hard-working senator who believes in the American democratic system; that all changes the day he meets brilliant and mysterious Isadore Hathaway. Warning of an ominous conspiracy theory about – of all people – Fundamentalist Christians, Isadore gives Jake an outrageous ultimatum – ‘kill or be killed’. Will Jake ignore these shocking accusations and go back to his normal life or will he risk it all – even potentially exposing his dark and deadly past – to see if there is any truth to Isadore’s stories?

Book Review

“Toxin” intricately weaves together several hot subjects, including political cover-up, homegrown terrorism, and religious extremism. The antagonists – surprisingly Fundamentalist Christians and not Muslim Extremists, as their actions more aptly reflect – have managed to place themselves within various high positions of government, further giving a greater degree of improbability to the story. Midden does an impeccable job of giving vivid depth and sweeping detail to every facet of the storyline‚Ķexcept for the very end! The last chapter, which follows the very pinnacle of the action, is disappointingly vague and abrupt. His ending does satisfy though, just not in the crystal clear imagery readers were used to getting up until this point, more helpful hints.

“Toxin” is a fascinating read for political suspense, mystery, and thriller fans although Christian readers may potentially find offense in the negative portrayal of organized religion. Paul Martin Midden knows how to bring a certain and immediate intensity to the plot and hold it page after page, chapter after chapter, and all while delivering exciting surprises throughout. A page turner you won’t want to put down!