WhatsApp for MAC – WhatsApp For Mac Download

WhatsApp for MAC

WhatssApp Download:

First We need to download and install a cloud service. It will become clear in a minute. WhatsApp has become smart in what download they allow. We reccomend MegaCloud 8GB of storage.

Now that you have your Account follow the next few steps.

NOTE: Download all files to the MegaCloud Folder – or download it normally then copy it to the folder.

Why is WhatsApp so popular among Mac users
  • BlueStacks and Download BlueStacks for Apple MAC. DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR MEGACLOUD FOLDER !!!
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. BlueStack Apple MAC with at least OSX 10 or above
  • Now go ahead and launch the app. and complete the installation.
  • Download WhatsApp APK – it is a 4.6mb download from WhatsApp.com/Android – Again Download it to your MegaCloud folder.
  • Else use BlueStacks to navigate to the whatsapp website and download it directly.

There’s a new way to make sending SMS more practical, convenient and absolutely free. WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging application which can be installed in major mobile platforms like Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia and Android gadgets. The great thing about this application is that it can send messages even across the world absolutely free, as long as both phones have WhatsApp installed. It is a very convenient and economical way to communicate with loved ones abroad without having to pay for anything.

Why is WhatsApp so popular among Mac users?

WhatsApp for Mac download has become so popular because it adds SMS sending features to Mac. The Mac is usually just used for storing and viewing media files, browsing, chatting on Skype and other multimedia activities. It is not really meant to work as a phone in which you can send text messages and call people. But if the Mac has WhatsApp installed, sending text messages in any part of the world is possible. This can be possible if both mobile gadgets have WhatsApp installed. It is almost like chatting in Instant Messengers.

Where to download WhatsApp for Mac?

WhatsApp for Mac download won’t be available in the main website of WhatsApp.com. This can usually be downloaded in file sharing sites for free. One example would be 4Share.com which offers a full download of WhatsApp for Mac and Mac2. Downloading this app is usually free and there will be no need to sign up in any website. It can also be installed the same way in an iPod or iPod Touch.

Installing WhatsApp on the Mac

Installing WhatsApp won’t be as simple as clicking the install button, since this app is really not compatible with Mac. There are a few tricks to be done and programs needed to install it. Fortunately, there is no need to jailbreak the Mac just to have this application installed. It can be done by simply downloading iTunes and iPhone configuration utility either for Windows or Mac. There are a lot of tutorials online with details on how to install WhatsApp on the Mac.

WhatsApp for Mac download has become so popular for many Mac users because it is very practical and economical to use. WhatsApp can also send and support sending and receiving of images, videos, and audio files. Now there is no need to pay extra for sharing multimedia messages. WhatsApp has broken all barriers and made all modes of communication even more available to everyone.