Who Makes Sig Sauer Romeo 5?

Who Makes Sig Sauer Romeo 5

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 carries the original company name, Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer GmbH is two companies joined together, Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) from Switzerland and J.P. Sauer & Sohn from Germany. Together the name they took was Sig Sauer.

Later on, Sig Sauer as a mother company stopped manufacturing arms and then sold their sister concern to another country which as of now is known as Sig Sauer AG.

Sig Sauer is now a German corporation who make most of their firearms in Germany and Switzerland collectively. Some of their products are manufactured in China.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Nowadays almost all companies in the world are delegating their work to Chinese companies. These companies work as OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer).

Let’s discuss what OEM is. OEM is a system where the brand buyer gives order consignment to some other company who then make the product and label it under the original brand’s name. And then the buyers sell them to their customers.

People have had problems regarding this idea because sometimes the OEM cannot carry out the acceptable quality of the product. The concept of OEM is basically to reduce the production cost of several products to ensure profit.

Chinese Manufacturing dispute

Chinese Manufacturing dispute

Chinese products are subjected to quality. There are different grades of Chinese products available. Whenever an original product production consignment is given to china, the product automatically gets exposed to duplicity.

When that happens, the market gets colluded by identical products. Thus, sometimes due to sheer bad luck, people get fooled by those.

That’s why whenever a high-quality product is delegated to China for OEM, people fear the quality drop. Even users think made in China as an OEM is a con for some products.

Sig Romeo 5 Manufacturers

The company that is given the OEM of Sig Sauer AG in China is Holosun. The Sig Romeo 5 is made in China and manufactured by Holosun.

Holosun itself is a famous firearm extension manufacturer who has their models. Their products are military grade and are used by armies in many countries. Holosun is a corporation that has head offices in Los Angeles, USA, but their manufacturing happens in China.

Due to that procedure, some find Holosun products to be below-grade. The truth is, Holosun almost delivers a similar experience of known branded gun extensions at a low price. You can even check their reviews online. They don’t produce harmful products.

But the problem is those big companies like Sig Sauer AG are dealing with companies like Holosun in lousy faith and keeping this information from their clients. Because they know that their clients will subjectify them the moment, they learn about Holosun. But right now, it’s kind of an open secret that military-grade sights like the Sig Romeo 5 are being made in China by Holosun.

Final Words

Now that you know who makes Sig Romeo 5, you can choose what you will do with this information. If you think that this detail will bring about a change in how you feel about this futuristic military-grade red dot sight, I think it’s not convenient because whether or whether not made in China, it’s still one of the best available red dot sights that you can get your hands on in today’s market.