Why Do I Hear Static In My Earbuds?

Why Do I Hear Static In My Earbuds

Are u looking for a new pair of headphones to listen to your favorite songs and music? And are you really bored with using regular wired and Bluetooth headphones, waiting to try something new? Then this article will help you to choose the best pair of headphones to satisfy your need. Due to technological development in the electronic field, new types of wireless headphones have been introduced in the market. These headphones are having more benefits than other old type headphones. You can get very good quality on your favorite music when you listen with this new wireless device

Wireless Headphones

These headphones usually cut the wires and cord which is attached to it and you can enjoy it with complete freedom. Bluetooth wireless headphones are commonly used in mobile phones and some other Bluetooth enabled devices. Also, these devices normally use a transponder and a receiver to get the sound waves and send the sound into the attached speakers. Now advanced models using infra-red (IR) and Bluetooth to function the sound waves more powerfully and without any static interference. Static interference is nothing but, while using headphones in some dry areas, it builds static electricity, and ears might get some electrostatic discharge from the headphone.

Headphones For Game Lovers

If you are a game lover, then this wireless headphone is very apt for you. You can just plug your headphone into your favorite game console and start playing your games without any interruption and you can keep maximum volume also which will not cause any type of damage to your ear. Also, it is easy and very safe to use than the other headphones which you have used so far.

Different types and styles of wireless headphones

Infrared signals (IR) – this type of devices uses IR signals to connect with the headset and the transmitter. They only have a limited amount of frequency which can be easily interrupted by walls or any other objects. It is very cheaper in the market than the other devices.

Radio Frequency Signals (RF) – these type uses RF signals to connect with the headset and transmitter which has a high level of frequency than used in IR signals. And it can be transmitted through walls.

And the different styles of wireless headphones are as follows:

Different types and styles of wireless headphones
  • Clip-on style: can be used with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and some personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • Ear bud style: cheaper than other but it is a little uncomfortable to use
  • Medium size ear bud style: this type has more comfort with unique style4
  • Full-sized ear bud style: this is slightly heavier than others, and it avoid outside noise while using this ear bud.