A Ceramic Knife Set for Your Kitchen

A Ceramic Knife Set for Your Kitchen

Effective and Attractive Cutlery: A Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

Well personally I don’t like to use knives, because I cut my hand with my mother’s knife when I was 11 years old. But what can you do, right? You have to cook foods in the kitchen and you cant do that without a knife. So here we go – in this article we will not talk about the conventional steel made knives – lets know about something new – ceramic knife.

A Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

Ceramic knife users are ceramic knife lovers! I tried ceramic kitchen knives for food prep at my mom’s house and was truly impressed at how well they cut and how easy they were to use. As a result of that experience, I’ve been researching in preparation for purchasing my own ceramic knife set . Ceramic knives stay sharp up to 10 times longer than stainless steel knives, visit our website.

Ceramic knives undergo a complicated tempering process to ensure quality and I love how they are made to look like traditional steel knives or can come in fun, whimsical colors. When shopping for a ceramic knife set on Amazon, I noticed that Kyocera is the best known and most reputable ceramic knife manufacturer. Their ceramic knives as well as sets from other manufacturers have incredible reviews and high ratings on Amazon. If you are curious about ceramic knives, have a look around here. Click on images or links to get more information, read reviews and shop.

Pros of Using Ceramic Kitchen Knives

  • Ceramic knives are ultra sharp and stay sharpened longer than stainless steel knives.
  • Ceramic knives are lighter and easier to hold than traditional steel knives.
  • Ceramic knives won’t rust and are impervious to damage from acids,salts or other elements they come in contact with.
  • Ceramic knives leave no metallic taste or any kind of odor and using them on produce helps to keep the fruit/veggies fresh longer.

Cons of Using A Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

  • Ceramic knives are scary sharp and may take some getting used to at first, both in terms of cutting and ergonomic feel.
  • Most ceramic knife manufacturers recommend hand washing them rather than putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Ceramic knives are brittle and may chip or break when used to bone, crush or pry.
  • Sharpening ceramic knives gets a little more complicated. You have to buy a special sharpener or send your knives back to the manufacturer for sharpening. (they do stay sharp 10 times longer than their stainless steel counterparts however.)