At Least Kate Gosselin Has Her Haircut (and Maybe a Successful Hoax)

At Least Kate Gosselin Has Her Haircut

Kate and Jon Gosselin, stars of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’, have gotten a lot of bad press lately because of affair scandals, which may or may not be anything more than a hoax orchestrated by Kate. But the possibility of a Jon and Kate divorce, alleged affairs, and a horrible hoax aren’t the only things creating buzz all over the Internet; Kate Gosselin’s “pixie bob” haircut is. So will it make her the next Jennifer Aniston or Katie Holmes?

Fortunately, I think not. To me Kate Gosselin’s haircut is about equivalent to those of Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN; it’s almost as if she has the same hairstylist, one who goes crazy with both the razor and the hair dye. Sorry, Jane Velez-Mitchell; as much as I love you, that mullet just does nothing for you, and every time I see your show, I just pray that those streamers on your head are gone. Kate Gosselin’s haircut is almost Jane Velez-Mitchell’s backwards, with it being long in the front and incredibly short (almost scary short) in the back (a sort of glorified reverse mullet).


It’s exactly the kind of haircut a woman like Kate Gosselin would want; it’s unique enough to get her attention. She believes that her female fans all want her haircut, but has warned that only someone with thick hair like her can pull off the ‘do (Sorry, ladies! We can’t all be as lucky as Kate).

But while Kate Gosselin seems satisfied that her “pixie bob” is one-of-a-kind, I’ve seen a similar look on another woman well-known for her hair, Victoria Beckham, and even remember a very similar haircut being very popular about nine or ten years ago when my sister got a similar one. So it’s not as original and iconic as she seems to think it is and read more from here.

Unfortunately, a stylish, expensive-looking haircut can’t save your marriage, even if housewives all across America start looking up to you and emulating you as a mommy icon. The “popularity” of Kate Gosselin’s haircut has revealed a side of her that I find very interesting, however; it’s proved that Kate Gosselin loves the spotlight and really wants attention. This makes me wonder: is there some kind of big affair hoax going on in light of the soon-to-be-aired new season of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ in order to keep Kate and her family in the spotlight?

Kate Gosselin Haircut

Perhaps Kate Gosselin orchestrated this whole media frenzy in order to keep her show on the air and the attention on her, telling Jon to go out and allow himself being photographed partying and hanging out with another woman to start generating the recent buzz around the couple. The perfect timing of the scandal really makes it seem like it’s very possible that it is only a hoax and that, after the show gets incredible ratings for its next season, things will quiet down for awhile; Jon and Kate won’t get a divorce; and something else will have to make the family buzz-worthy next season.

But regardless of if this is a hoax or for real or whether or not Jon and Kate Gosselin get a divorce, it’s obvious to me that Kate Gosselin and her pixie bob need to stay away from the spotlight for the sake of something more important that a haircut or a hoax: her eight small children.