Holistic Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Holistic Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to a number of holistic rehab centers which offer a range of treatments to recovering addicts. Below are some of the holistic rehab centers in Los Angeles.

Cliffside Malibu is one of the holistic rehab centers in Los Angeles which aids clients in their long-term fight against substance abuse. This center is focused on providing its clients with the strength and skills required to enable them to remain sober for the long term. This premier residential center has in the past catered to an elite clientele, and offers support to their clients through each phase of the recovery process. Clients are offered a personalized drug or alcohol rehab program which is designed for each individual client. The treatment program combines cutting edge, evidence-based psychotherapy and analysis, with world class drug and alcohol addiction treatment. For more information on the types of holistic treatments offered at this center, visit addictionhelplineamerica.com.

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South Coast Recovery is one of the holistic rehab centers in Los Angeles, which offers a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program to its clientele. This center provides residential homes in scenic Dana Point, California, located within minutes of Laguna Beach. Their treatment program is based on the idea that recovery is a process of transformation in all areas of life. For this reason, treatment is targeted not only to the symptoms of addiction, but to their underlying causes as well. This holistic treatment program combines the best clinical and medical care available, with advanced eastern holistic therapies, and a 12-step support program. For more information about how to sign up to their holistic treatment program.

Bridges to Recovery is another of the holistic rehab centers in Los Angeles, which provides treatment programs to individuals suffering from substance abuse or dependence, in addition to mental health issues and difficult transitions. This center focuses on addressing the primary underlying issues of chemical dependency, while providing both psychosocial and therapeutic support for sobriety and individual growth. Some of the treatment approaches used include individual psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, equine therapy and music therapy. For more information on how to sign up at Bridges to Recovery.