Teach Yourself How to Lucid Dream

Teach Yourself How to Lucid Dream

Researchers in the field of dreams and psychology, such as Richard Graze are claiming that it could be possible to train yourself how to lucid dream.

What is a Lucid Dream?

The term “lucid dream” was first employed in 1913 by Frederick Van Eeden, a Dutch psychiatrist who used the term to describe the state of an individual who is in a dream state, whilst being completely aware that they are dreaming.

Many people are attracted by the concept of lucid dreaming because it is suggested that once the subject is aware that they are in a dream, then they can begin to control what happens in their dreams. Because dreams are not bound by the laws of physics or logic, it is possible for the subject to do or be whatever they choose, just like a kind of virtual reality, read more here.

Richard Graze states in his book the Dream Dictionary, “lucid dreams introduce us to the part of ourselves that creates our dreams.”

Learning to Lucid Dream

Learning to Lucid Dream

Dream researcher and author of The Ultimate Lucid Dream Manual, Marc Vandekeere claims that people who are able to remember their dreams often are more likely to have lucid dreams. Individuals can Work on their dream recollection by waking up slowly and naturally, and by keeping a dream journal.

Once the subject is able to recall their dreams, they can then begin to familiarize themselves with them. According to experts the awareness of recurring places and situations during dreams is the first step to training the consciousness.

Richard Graze advises budding lucid dreamers to practice by rehearsing their own lucid dream scenarios, while they are awake by using their imagination, also claiming that people who meditate regularly are more likely to have lucid dreams.

Several dream enthusiasts including the controversial author Carlos Costaneda agree that an effective technique of inducing a lucid dream is to shift the attention whilst dreaming. This could be something as simple as the person looking down at their own hands or feet. This method is aimed at allowing the person to access control of his/her dream body. This is a process which is said to take a lot of practice, before the person actually remembers to try it while they are dreaming, but many people maintain that it is possible.

There are also dream groups available for people who are interested in exploring their dreams. Many authors state that individuals who regularly discuss their dreams and spend time thinking about dreams during their waking hours are more likely to experience lucid dreams.