The Symbolism of Giving a Wristwatch as a Gift

The Symbolism of Giving a Wristwatch as a Gift

I remember very clearly the first wristwatch I ever received as a gift. It had a white leather band and the face had a picture of Cinderella with her gloved hands being the hands of the watch. I treasured that watch and was very proud that I could tell time on a traditional watch. The years have only increased my love for watches and as luck would have it, I married a man who shares my love for unique and interesting wristwatches. We have often given each other wristwatches as gifts as well as gifted friends and family we love with wristwatches. Not only do wristwatches make a very practical gift that will be used on a daily basis, they also hold a significant amount of symbolism that reflects the relationship of the giver and receiver and the life stage that the gift recipient is currently in. With the holiday season just around the corner, this article may give you reason to choose a wristwatch as the perfect gift for those that mean the most to you, click this over here now.


Children. Children have the gift of time on their side. Not only are they in the midst of the most uncomplicated and hopefully enjoyable time of their lives, they are very proud to achieve new skills such as telling time. Gifting the child in your life that you love and adore a beautiful wristwatch not only shares your pride at their growth and achievements, but also symbolizes the vast amount of time you hope the child has in front of them to enjoy a rich and beautiful life.

Future Husband Or Wife. When entering into the sanctity of marriage, you hope to have a long and full life together. Giving you future husband or wife a beautiful wristwatch signifies the amount of time you hope to spend together living and enjoying life together.

College Graduate. Students just finishing a four year degree surely know the value of time. They needed to wisely budget their time to successfully complete their studies and leave some time for fun and recreation. A gift of a striking wristwatch will symbolize their wise use of time passed and the exciting time in their lives they are now entering.

New Mother. What mother doesn’t recognize the importance of time spent in between labor contractions, time spent preparing for a new addition to the family and quiet time in between howls for feeding, changing or holding. By giving a new mother a gift of a wristwatch, you will be acknowledging this very special time in her life that will be over before she knows it.

Grandparent. A grandparent has raised her children and lived to see her children have children. Time becomes even more precious as the years creep up. A gift of a wristwatch to an aging grandparent will symbolize the time spent nurturing the family and the time still to come enjoying the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Good Friend. Time spent with good friends is essential to a healthy and balanced life. By offering a wristwatch to a special and treasured friend, you are letting them know that the time you spend together is priceless and is very important to you.

Not only are wristwatches a thoughtful gift for those who need a reliable time piece to keep them on schedule ,the significance behind the gift can express your love and affection as well as make the gift recipient stop and appreciate the very special time of life they are experiencing.