CyberKnife System: New Hope for Once “Inoperable” Cancer Leisions

Cancer tumors were once only treated by physical surgery. This surgery would open the body up and cut out the tumor using steel blades. This type of surgery was risky because of the physical stress it put on the body, because of the threat of infections and because of the complications that commonly developed during the recovery process. Recently surgical technology has evolved and non-invasive techniques have been developed that allow doctors to pinpoint a tumor in the body and obliterate it without having to open the patient up or cut their skin with a knife. One of the most promising of these new technologies is the CyberKnife system.

What Is the CyberKnife System?

What Is the CyberKnife System

The CyberKnife system utilizes high energy X-ray beams to destroy cancer cells and tumors. The high energy beam is directed and fired via a 300 pound linear accelerator robotic arm. This arm is very maneuverable and is pinpoint accurate. It delivers a beam that is less than millimeter wide making it an excellent choice for tumors located in once thought to be inoperable situations in the brain, the spine and in sensitive organs.

Benefits of the CyberKnife System

There are many benefits offered by the CyberKnife System over both conventional surgery methodologies and the GammaKnife system. First of all the patient doesn’t have to be anesthetized. This makes the entire process safer, especially for children, little people, the elderly and people with respiratory or circulatory issues. Next the CyberKnife system tracks the targeted tumor throughout the procedures, This ensures that the CyberKnife only impacts the targeted tumor tissue even when patients move. Another benefit of this technology is that the surgery is quick and non-invasive. This means that you are out of surgery in between 30 and 90 minutes, that there is relatively little pain to deal with and that your recovery is super quick, especially when compared to traditional surgery. To learn new information on cyberknife system, you may browse internet site.

Drawbacks of the CyberKnife System

Drawbacks of the CyberKnife System

While the CyberKnife system is an affective treatment for tumors throughout the body, it does have several drawbacks. First of all the technology is new and not widely available. This means that it can be difficult to find a hospital that has the $4 million CyberKnife system and even more difficult to find a doctor in the U.S. that has experience working with this surgical tool. Next the $4 million price tag makes CyberKnife surgeries very expensive for patients. This can put it out of reach for many patients who could benefit from a CyberKnife surgery. Finally, this tool is really only effective for smaller tumors, as larger tumors would require larger areas of the body to be exposed to the radiation.

While there are several drawbacks that you need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to use the CyberKnife system to treat your cancer, it is worth a look. This is particularly true if you have been diagnosed with what would normally be considered “inoperable” tumors. If you can’t find a doctor in the U.S. that you want to work with, there are many European doctors who have decades of experience with the CyberKnife system.