How to Login Gmail when it is Blocked

How to Login Gmail when it is Blocked

If you know that you can no longer visit your chosen website, please check your feelings and try to figure out exactly what is wrong. There are a lot of methods for accessing blocked pages.

Using the services of vpn

Vpn enables you to peer-to – peer link to a computer in any part of the globe and bypass the central server. When you connect to a server outside of your home country, your ip address is also outside of your home country. Vpns encrypt data flow and allow users to construct channels that a third party cannot decrypt. Many inexpensive vpn services are available online, which allow you to connect to a half-world server from you. Vpn is one of the safest ways to limit.

Become anonymous run a proxy for your browser.

Become anonymous: run a proxy for your browser.

Another way to bypass restrictions is to connect to a proxy. A proxy service will mask your isp’s limited website and will not allow you to monitor your operation. But proxies do not code traffic as vpns, making them less stable.

Using ip rather than url

If a website has been blocked, you can attempt to access it through its ip because the blockers may have obscured the url. You can get the ip through a free ping tool or in command prompt. Run the program, type the url of the website, click enter, copy the ip address into the address bar of the browser, and pick the appropriate website from the list. Please note that if the blockers want to mask the ip address too, this solution will not work.

Choose between your browser’s proxies

Some firms use more than one proxy. Since restrictions are directed by specific proxies, there can still be restrictions on the blocked website. Use the link settings option in your browser and transfer to another limitless proxy.

Using plugins to browser

Using plugins to browser

If you actively use complex websites and your company or government blocks them, you can still access them via browser extensions.

Using rss

Rss feed is a special solution that allows you to catch and broadcast content from blocked pages to a reader. You can use the feed from the website or, if not available, create your own content and view all types of content from the source in a simple text format.

Last words

As follows from the above, there are a wide range of ways to reach blocked websites. However, each of them is useful in its own way and what is less appropriate for certain users is possible. However, the variety of choices is very broad, so that every user can select the best one. Visit to know how to access if Gmail is blocked.

Fortunately, there are a few other ways to conveniently navigate blocked web pages without anything. And with these techniques, no technological knowledge at all is required-even your novices can use these tricks! You should try out the easiest trick.

Use google translate: google’s online translation tool, google translate, is typically used for web pages translated in one language. It supports more than 70 languages. Google translate can quickly be used to access the blocked website. Go to the google translate page, enter your blocked page address in the text field, pick any language from the dropdown list as the source and ‘english’ as the target language to be translated.