How to Mix Self-Leveling Concrete?

How to Mix Self-Leveling Concrete

It looks that mixing the concrete is an easy job, but the people who have the experience of this on knowing well how much this job is complex.

You may think that it only mix the concrete with water no there are some complications if you ignore them you will never a good quality mixture.

How to make good quality, better performing mixture is a dilemma. But no need to worry we will guide you about the mixing of self-leveling concrete.

We are going to provide you with a detailed procedure about How to mix self-leveling concrete.

The procedure of Mixing Self-level concrete:

The procedure of Mixing Self-level concrete

If you are making your self-leveling concrete than surely you will try to mix that with hands if you want consistency in your concrete then take great care.

Some steps need to follow:

Concrete is a mixture that is made up of sand, cement, and other material. Among all these, only the cement is the material which, when mixed with the water, makes it harder on drying.

So you need to mix the cement thoroughly in the water until you get the consistent material as you want. A consistent material can only give you strong bonding and also provides your concrete with a long-lasting.

When you are going to mix up the concrete try to follow its basics which are given below.

Check the place:

Before mixing the concrete, make sure that the level of the ground where you are going to make your concrete is balanced, the position is right and the content could easily be spilt out.

Mixing of Water:

When you are going to mix the water, only mix the recommended amount of water with the mixture. While you are mixing water, keep in mind the ration should be 0.45 to 0.60 for higher-strength concrete.

If you add more amount of water, it will segregate the sand and other components in the future. So you need to try the recommended amount of water for mixing.

Work slowly and with care:

As you know concrete, sand and other materials contain dust in them, so when you are mixing the concrete work with great care and at a slow pace it will save you from dust and allergy.

Thoroughly mix up the Material:

No need to be in a hurry and do work fast, if you want a good quality that ensures you better performance in the future than try to mix the material thoroughly for a few minutes. When you sure that all components are mixed equally everywhere than stop working.

Pour the mixer:

Now your material is ready for working pours it in the wheelbarrow or any other container. When you have a complete working wash container immediately before hardening; otherwise, you will face great difficulty.


No doubt mixing the self-leveling Concrete is a simple job, but, it also needs care while mixing. We have provided you with some easy steps that will help you to make a perfect mixture of the concrete for your floor.

We hope you get more information about the concrete material and how to mix them for better results. However, if you want to know more details, please visit