How to Polish Raw Crystals?

How to Polish Raw Crystals

There are a lot of types in crystals and everything is different and unique quality. Those crystals are having healing power. By using those crystals can give good energy to the person who wears this. When the person wears any crystal based jewel then it will help them to get away from negative thoughts and any emotional thoughts. So only every people like to wear those crystal jewels. Not crystals are found like jewel rather crystals are found in the mud like liquid form and day by day it changed in raw form. We should polish those crystals to make a jeweler. And the definition for crystal is every molecule in that crystal is ordered in pattern form so that is called crystal. And if you want to know about the techniques to polish those crystals then start reading below.

Steps to Polish Raw Crystals:

Steps to Polish Raw Crystals

Now you can see how those crystals are polished. Step one is you should soak those crystals in vinegar for a few hours to remove the carbonate because when you soak crystal in vinegar then it will give some shine to the crystal. Step two is after soaked in the vinegar clean it with a cotton cloth and you should rub the crystal with cotton to removing the remaining dust and if you do not have cotton cloth then you can use a toothbrush for rub it but handle with care. And step three is the crystal wants to get shape so you should cut the edges of crystals with a saw.

After shaping the crystal you can feel the difference between before and after washing. Step four is washing it with water to remove stains or you can use wood bleach. Also, you can use acid for washing it but you should take safety precautions before using acid. Step four is to take sandpaper to make crystal shiny and soft and the main thing is to use a face mask before using sandpaper do not forget to wear this otherwise it will hurt your eye or other parts. Step five is when you feel sanding is over then clean it with a soft cloth then only it will set in the shape. So these are all the steps to polish raw crystals.

Interesting Facts About Crystals:

Interesting Facts About Crystals

Not every people know the facts about crystals and for those people, this is the best time to know the facts. The first fact is Crystal covers an area of thousand five hundred miles in this world. And the second one is the tiny silicate crystal wants high temperature to get form. The third one is the first-ever crystal was founded in the twenty-first century and researchers said it is been formed by the earth since 4.4 billion years ago. In older days every people wear crystal jewels because they trust that wearing that crystal jewel protects them from harm. Also, they believe that only the royal family members wear jewel crystal jewel. And you should buy crystals Singapore for the best experience.