How To Wear A Hanbok?

How To Wear A Hanbok

The hanbok is one of the frequently used Korean garments. This will be a women’s ever-lovely dress.  This will be one of the traditional wear for the women’s lives in the Korean garments. They are wearing this hanbok for different occasions and functions like festivals, parties, and weddings. This will be a grand and elegant dress for the Korean girls they trust it. This hanbok will be in the long type flowing dress with a jacket. Most of the girls are made this dress as their own with the different designs, coats, and vests. These will hanbok will contain different accessories like coats like a butterfly, vests, jacket. This will be used for the different purposes and change this as a different style. This creativity is up to the Korean girls. The hanbok will be the easiest wearable dress for the different events.

How to Clasp Or Tie The Hanbok?

How to Clasp Or Tie The Hanbok

First, you should wear the undergarment before wearing the hanbok. Basically the undergarment is in the white color with a long style. This will also contain the clasps or buttons to tie the ends of the two sides. The buttons and clasps are fixed in the front of the undergarment. Just wear the undergarment over your head; this will be the easy way to wear. After wearing the undergarment tie the clasp up to tight it or use buttons to tighten it. You can wear leggings or jeans under your dress; choose the best which is flexible for that situation. Pull the dress to the level of your arms. Make sure your dress has thick straps to hold your dress tight. Then only the straps of your dress will be sitting correctly in your shoulders. Once you wear the hanbok got over the ribbons to you’re from and tie it. Make sure the ribbons are flexible to you if the knot means just fix any button on one side and place it with another side. This will be the perfect fitting dress for functions.

 How To Wear A Jacket On The Undergarment?

How To Wear A Jacket On The Undergarment

The jackets are the most important part of this party wear dress. Most of the girls are spending their most the time by choosing the best jackets for their hanbok. This will be a stunning part of your dress. These jackets are made with cotton and mostly in the stiff cloths. The ribbons and buttons are fixed in the jackets to fix it tightens. This will be more flexible while using the undergarment. You can make some embroidery and flower designs to make your jacket more elegant.  Tie this ribbon-like your necktie of the shirt. This will be tied in different styles like butterfly style and so on. To make these designs grab the ribbon over your chest, when you feel this will flexible to you then tie it. Now you are ready to attend the functions and festivals with the traditional dress. To know more designs of wearing the hanbok visit here